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Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs


Download Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control  - Les Envahisseurs

A deep exploration of mangled contraptions in foreboding places. The new material is completely acoustic without usage of any musical instruments. Only field recordings and feedback. Everything melts down into electroacoustic drone ambient of live tension. It seems as human population increases, human intelligence decreases. Mankind does everything possible to support Molto Allegro - Mozart*, Szymon Goldberg, Radu Lupu - The Violin Sonatas own De-volution.

The majority of the population uses technology and mass communication only as toll to kill off their senses and intellect. They numb themselves with entertainment that offers non-information and over stimulation. Mass morals suppress the instincts necessary towards evolution. Common sense is replaced by safety laws and thinking is no longer required and encouraged.

Over And still we praise the value of human life as the highest of all. It is on the time to reconsider this and to be more concerned about the value of intelligence! Harsh analog sounds in best powerful nordic industrial tradition Large full-color booklet with interesting "technology archeology" graphics.

Iversen plays 'electonics' and effects and Bjerga 'ampilied' objects and effects. In this long piece they gently improvise their way through scratching, moving and rubbing objects, while feeding them to the maggots of electricity, in an atmospherical setting two candles and a bunch of LEDs lit the entire room, I imagine, while outside the wind can be heard at Norway's Southernmost point.

This collaboration is finally growing and growing. Skullpture is a different bunch. They improvise on guitars and feed them through the lines of distortion and delays. Nice, but a bit long. Brandkommando -- "Patria, Socialismo O Muerte! Contains soundtrack for E. A vulgar tape collage work by plain machine and the buried original technique.

Al-La-Sht-Orr creates a grim electronic dronescape that takes on an almost cinematic tension as we listen to these Russian voices cloaked in white noise hiss going back and forth over grating electronic beeps and noises, harrowing high-end drones, growling organ-like clusters of notes, and piercing feedback. The mix of radio transmissions and grim industrial shrieking forms a strange, alien shortwave similar to some of Throbbing Gristle's ominous works.

Black Plagve is devoted to releasing some of the finest artists in the death industrial and black ambient fields. The two bands represent the pinnacle of what this most fertile field of dark music has to offer Catharsis is the project of French artist Pascal Catharsis. His half of this split CD is rife with hatred, anger, and negativity. Grinding, pounding slave-ship rhythms head through monstrously thick dark smog. Tortured, anguished voices howl in the background while melodies sound Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs arrival of a murderous tyrant, who makes blood rain onto the charred and blackened battlefields Drape Excrement is a side project of the mind behind the power electronic group Soldnergeist.

While Soldnergeist attempts to bludgeon the listen with its terrifying sonic blasts, Drape Excrement crawls about in a subtler manner. Of course, Drape Excrement is equally nefarious, and no less pleasing than Soldnergeist or the Catharsis part of the Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs. Drape Excrement's 7 tracks are filled with black walls of corroded atmospheres and ghostly wails and moans. Most highly recommended. A snippet from a sweaty ear rot session rescued from Demeter's erase button finger.

Hailing from Italy, this remarkable duo has been working hard since their Neuropa release 'La 'Nvidia'. Today we proudly present you their first full-length album on Neuropa Records: 'Unsere Zeit'. If you've liked their previous efforts, then this is a must-have for sure! Presented in a lavishly designed Dreams - nf - Perception digipack. Well, do I have to mention that this is a kind of essential release?

This record is an exercise in pure musical violence and distorted intensity, choosing digital grindcore as its vehicle of execution. On this CD are four long tracks that can best be described as a mix of pure Japanese-style noise and rhythmic grindcore-like riffs. This is far more basic and straightforward blasting stuff with a doomy edge. It will certainly appeal to fans of the grindnoise-group Man is the Bastard, or their noise project Bastard Noise or to fans of both grindcore and Merzbow.

This is the perfect disc to listen while drinking a good glass of best Italian red wine. Wonderful atmospheres from the past mixed to typical Italian ballads… A new but old way of playing beautiful and fascinating songs…. Music for piano-bar, music for gangsters, music for dying slowly in the arms of your lover Numbered edition of copies in wooden box! Dmitry's music is complicated, masterly embodied, deeply philosophic, filled with a spirit of Nature and inhuman tranquility work on the edge of Drone, Dark Ambient and Industrial made with the help of natural and artificial sounds, noise, voices and different acoustic and electric instruments.

The album is expanded with 2 Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs clips - a kind of screen version of noise pictures interpreted to the language of visual images. Fullcolur sleeve. Here's some serious art damage that careens from ambient industrial to the astringent squonks, bleeps and clamor of '60s avant-garde to the angst-ridden sonic shards and noisy electronic reflections of the post-industrial mess we find ourselves in now.

While they can create a terrific din, the Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs actually leans a bit in the ambient direction, with lower dynamics and muffled timbres, albeit with a raucous pandemonium of noise just beneath the surface. The structure of this album is based on the harmonized parts of a pure ambientalistic live recording done on the mountain of Lovstakken, Bergen, Norway.

The album is characterised by the transparent but melancholic atmosphere, where each track radiates with quiet and modest despair. In short, this album may be labelled the despair consolidated in sound.

Iversen delivers concetual ambient drone with a nice force of originality. This is two part of a 29 parts noise symphony. What a crazy project Seriously iut's one step on the Foutredieu!!!

Gen 26 -- "A Door To All Caminemos / Usted / Una Aventura Más - Various - Boleros Inolvidables CD 3 - Invitación Al Romance is done on the level of improvisation through self-thought manipulation elements.

Great Slovenian project created by Matjaz Galicic. Gira, Michael -- "Live in B2, Moscow, Handmade swastika-like package, all info is habdwritten. Existential darkness.

Hex Minora vs. Devis G. The composition describes relatively exactly all phases of it, beeing divided into two seemingly thematically antagonistic parts complementary-affirmatory that are but indiscerptible compounds of natural contemplative process. Particular periods are represented by subsections continuously merged one another The album is an intense musical dialogue between space and detail, a kind of transcription of the relation between human and cosmos, the fight and reconcilliation of intrinsic and extrinsic, real and surreal world.

Reception of this opus, expressed with very high autenticity and exposed emotions, needs absolute concetration and submersion of receiving subject, invoking really the state similar to mystical contemplation. A collection of scenic works, adapted 1.

Chor: Magnificat - Bach* - «Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme» Cantate, BWV 140 • Magnificat, BWV 2 conceptual album, originally composed or arranged for theatre performances in the period between and Sumthin Sumthin - Various - Gerard Ekdoms BBQ Box 2015 Rewritten, restructuralized, rearranged and remixed in The album represents author's typical consistent, achingly nervous harmonic structures with rich inner life and articulation, corresponding with mighty, monolitic sounds of orchestration in original integrated arrangement, ending in the creation of the order of primarily chaotic particulars.

Musicians: Vladimir Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drums, vocals, programming; participation of Martina Sanollova and Dominika Karcovska vocals and Czech Integrated Ensemble and Choir. From the mid 90s Les Envahisseurs (Paranoiac Radio Mix) - Remote Control - Les Envahisseurs was experimenting making his own music, using analogue synthesizers, radio, guitars, field recordings, various devices and computers.

The life in a city with a huge industrial estate has influenced the art of Vitaly. His music is a subtle intellectual electronics filled with sunny melodies and micro-glitches, which dissolve in pure ambient landscapes of nature - in forests, fields and lakes.

Hand by hand with his concerts, Vitaly continued recording his art experiments and recorded a very deep and a serious album Layers. Layers is an outstanding collection of inner feelings, transmitted by an audio-artist with its music.

Each element here is a multi-layered synthesis of intellectual art - micro-electronic, idm and deep ambient. Each of 9 tracks is an insight into a world of surrealism and fantasy with their mysterious flora and fauna. When listening to this album-exposition, you will see your own images and landscapes. This is how your own world will be mirrored in this music. It is a further exploration of dark corners and mazes of inner conscience. This time everything sounds even more experimental and darker than last time in Ultraviolet Test.

A hidden entrance into another world, where live invisible ghosts and shadows of alienation of the modern civilised society. This album expands intrinsic intellectual space, bridges through the thin line of the horizon, leading to the land where dreams disappear. Wet, dense atmosphere, stench of fust and thrills which you can feel in ancient tombs or fallen sanctuaries.

In Scissors takes us there to show forgotten, frightful ceremonies, cultivated by groups of fanatics. For them Promised Land is Atmosphere of this album can be noticed also in "dirty" graphic design, dominated by colours of rotten green and bronze, filled with specific religious pictures.

Unconventional release - professionally printed CDr in hard foil envelope, placed in 3-part folded, professionally printed, cardboard package. Extra card with graphics is placed inside. Size is 14x14 cm.


Kaiser-Marsche - Egisto Macchi - Violenza, Bored Games - Who Killed Colonel Mustard, A Flaubert - various - folk revival, Joy To The World - Cedarmont Kids - Christmas Carols

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  1. muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo: Remote Control – Les Envahisseurs (paranoïac radio mix) jetzt kaufen. Bewertung
  2. Listen to Remote Control Radio featuring songs from The T.V. Serials free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, NCAA basketball, and Premier League matches. Amicalement vôtre (His Majesty's mix) Remote Control.
  3. Hirsch, Vladimir -- "Les Scenes Ardentes" -- CD -- €10 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM32, (ltd. ) Compositions for integrated ensemble, choir and sola, op. A collection of scenic works, adapted as conceptual album, originally composed or arranged for theatre .
  4. Remote Control" is a song by The Clash, featured on their debut album, and is written against oppression and conformity. The song was written by Mick Jones after the disastrous Anarchy Tour and contains pointed observations about the civic hall bureaucrats who had cancelled concerts, the police, big business and especially record companies.
  5. Les mélodies, composées par Lalo Schifrin, sont les suivantes: 1 - Les Envahisseurs - 3'22 - Paranoïac Radio Mix. 2 - Les Envahisseurs - 4'48 - Le remix du soir où tout a commencé le long d'une route de campagne. 3 - Les Envahisseurs - 3'25 - Instrumental de l'atterrissage d'un vaisseau venu d'une autre galaxie. Les différentes versions.
  6. Shop Les Envahisseurs (paranoïac radio mix). Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Les Envahisseurs (paranoïac radio mix) by Remote Control: muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo: Music.

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