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P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War

Label: New Face Records - NEW 008 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: Brazil • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
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Station 1 Notes. Eternity, in time, generations, voyagers This is an allusion to a work by the Chinese poet Li Po.

Where did Noin die? Corner, road gods, Dosojin, spirits Buffalo Tom - Buffalo Tom the road The P.O.B.

- Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War are pairs of male and female deities that protect travellers. These statues are located beside the roads.

Pillar, hut, cottage A renga would be written on multiple sheets of paper with the first eight verses coming on the first page, so that is what Basho posted up. This renga no longer exists. Dolls, well, house By using Oh Mi Señor - Miguel Ríos - Oh Mi Señor / Tema Para Rocio line "hina no ie" Basho suggests that whoever moves into this place has either a wife or a daughter.

Since Basho has neither, the poem expreses how different his situation is from that of the new occupant. Station 2 Notes. Twenty-seventh, last seventh, According to Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei, this date corresponds to May 16 in the western calendar.

P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of Warwan moon, waning moon, brilliance, the sky This is a quotation from the "Broom Tree" chapter of the Tale of Genji. Cherry blossoms, Yanaka, flowering branches, The cherry blossoms of Ueno Yanaka were one of the famous sights of Edo.

Here Basho wonders when, if ever, he will see them again. This may be an allusion to a poem written by Saigyo when he was in Shikoku and visited the Kamo Jinja. Senju Senju with its famous fish market was the first overnight stop on. Miles, li, ahead The term "sanzenri" is often found in The Tale of Genji and other works of classical literature with which Basho was familiar. It means simply "a long distance," not specifically three thousand miles.

Tearful eyes, wept, departure, shed tears, world Basho's grief here is a sadness for the passing of spring and a sadness at leaving behind his firends. His poem here may be an allusion to a poem by T'ao Yuan Ming who says that "birds seek their familiar forests and the fish year for their old pools. Station 3 Notes. Paper coat, rainwear, raincoat The paper coat was made from a kind of lacquered or oiled paper which made it both waterproof and wind resistant. Reasons, to bear, inevitably, on the Jack O The Clock - Rare Weather, away Basho concludes with a statement of resignation saying, in effect, "These are the difficulties faced by all travellers.

Station 4 Notes. But the August Grandchild was slow to believe this, and said:- 'Heavenly deity though I am, how could I cause anyone to become pregnant in the space of one night?

That which thou hast in thy bosom is assuredly not my child. She prepared a doorless muro called utsumuroand entering, dwelt therein.

Then she made a solemn declaration, saying: - 'If that which is in my bosom is not the offspring of the Heavenly Grandchild, it will assuredly be destroyed by fire, but if it is really the offspring of the Heavenly grandchild, fire cannot harm it.

The child which was born from the extremity of the smoke which first arose was called Ho no Susori no mikoto he was the ancestor of the Hayato Aston, p. According to another version of the story, the princess secluded herself in a cave which became a birthing room and purified it with fire to insure a safe birth. She gave birth to three deities: Hosuseri, Hoakari, and Hohodemi.

Smoke Several poems speak of the rising smoke here. Burnt They say that this fish when cooked gives off the smell of burning human flesh and therefore is associated with the Lady of the Flowerbearing Trees. This is also why people are forbidden Why Do I Keep Counting?

- The Killers - Sams Town eat this fish. Station 5 Notes. Thirtieth Since there were only 29 days in this month we know that this episode was either made up or misplaced.

Seven Seas Of Rhye - Queen - Swedish Magic Night diary says that on the first day of the Fourth Month they visited the shrines at Nikko and then put up at Gozaemon's place.

Donald Keene suggests that Basho chose to rearrange the sequence of events and add an extra day to the calendar because he wanted to create some space between his visits to two holy sites, Muro no Yashima and Nikko. Name Most editions of the text put P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War passage in quotations, Gozaemon is saying this about himself. He refers to himself as Hotoke Gozaemon, that is, Gozaemon the Buddha.

April 13 This corresponds to May 19 in the Western calendar. Nikko The original name Niko means "twice turbulent" mountain. There was an opening in the rocks on the northeast side of this mountain which erupted twice a year. When the venerable priest Kukai climbed the mountain, he changed the name to Nikko in order to pacify the eruptions. Another legend says that Katsudo Shonin asked Kukai to give this name to this sacred site in honor of the Kannon.

This mountain was actually made a sacred site by Katsudo Shonin in the Engaku era in the late 8th century. Black hair All Basho says here is: Mount Kurokami was shrouded in mist and still white with snow. He works a contrast and a comparison. He cut his own hair, but the mountain has black hair. He has changed his robes for those of a priest and the mountain has changed to its spring colors as of the 15th of the Fourth Month.

He was a native of Kami Suwa in Shinshu. He died in at the age of During his lifetime he edited several volumes of poetry. Purpose Basho says: That's why he wrote a verse about Kurokamiyama. Therefore the words 'koromogae' have great power.

See-from-behind Basho calls the waterfall "Urami no taki," the waterfall P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War resentment or the waterfall seen from behind. Why doesn't he follow up on the potential double entendre? Observances Summer traditionally began on the 16th day of the Fourth Month and lasted for 90 days. It was customary for priests to go into seclusion in a room and dedicate themselves to P.O.B.

- Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War and copying the sutras. These were the summer observances. Secluding himself in the P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War behind the waterfall reminds Basho of this practice.

Another aspect of this is that seeing the falls from behind represents a new perspective on the world rather than the conventional one. What are we to make of the word "urami" which means both 'to see from behind' and 'a grudge. Station 6 Notes. Sora says the accomodations were poor. Way There is an element of humor here as Basho the Samuel Goldwyn - Porgy And Bess pilgrim seeking the proper way relies for guidance not on the ignorant farmer for directions, but on the farmer's horse.

Beautiful The name Kasane calls to mind the double petalled primrose. Basho refers to her as a little princess. Station 7 Notes. Ground In the middle ages dog shooting took place in the horse riding grounds as a form of martial competition. It is said that the custom began here as a way of driving off the spirit of lady Tamamo. Lady Tamamo There is an element of humor here as Basho the dedicated pilgrim seeking the proper way relies for guidance not on the ignorant farmer for directions, but on the farmer's horse.

Offshore This is the Kanemaru Hachiman. Today it is called the Nasu Jinja. Thus reinforced, Yoshitsune soon found himself in command of some three hundred horsemen. For now P.O.B. - Various - Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War us have no more fighting. Suddenly from the offing, a small well-equipped and beautifully decorated boat was seen rowing toward the Genji. When it approached within seven or eight tan of the water's edge, it swung around, boradside to them.

Then a court lady of eighteen or nineteen, wearing a five-layer white robe lined with blue over a scarlet hakama, took a red fan emblazoned with a gold rising sun and fixed it on top of a pole. She then stood the pole on the gunwhale and beckoned to the Genji. Intrigued, Yoshitsune summoned Sanetomo and asked: 'What does that mean? I think they would like you to step out of our ranks to look at that beauty.

Thus enticing you out to the boat, they plan to shoot you, my lord. We must hav eone of our men hit that fan. Yoshitsune inquired: 'Who is our best archer? Is there anyone who can bring down that fan? He is a small man but a most skillful archer. On command, Yoichi Passing Arizona - Lac La Belle - A Friend Too Long forward. This young warrior was but twenty years old. He wore armor laced with light green silk cords over a deep blue battle robe.

The collar of the robe and the edges of the sleeves were decorated with red and gold brocade. At his side hung a silver-studded sheath. In his quiver were the black and white feathered arrows that remained from the day's battle and a turnip-headed arrow fashioned from a stag horn and fletched with feathers from a hawk's wing.

These could be seen protruding from behind his head. Under his arm he carried a rattan-bound bow. With his helmet slung on his back, he came into the presence of Yoshitsune and made obeisance. Can you hit that fan in the center and show the enemy how skillful we are at archery? Would it not be better to entrust this to someone who is confident of his success?


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  3. Oct 05,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War on Discogs/5(12).
  4. Tracklist: 1. Killing Brain Cells 2. Behind The Wire 3. Biomachines 4. Slither 5. Nemesis 6. Broken Foundation 7. Situation Degenerates 8. Cease To Exist.
  5. (The harbor wind blows chill/ On the bay of Nago/ My wife calls to exchange greeting/ The crane cries in the swamp.) Angry Sea Perhaps this poem can be seen as a greeting upon Basho's arrival in Kaga, the wealthiest of all domains in Tokugawa Japan. The 'Arisoumi' refers to the whole coastline of Etchu and is used as a makura kotoba.
  6. When afflicted, one should endure patiently, seeking reward from Allah, pinning hope on none but Him, and awaiting ease of affliction from none but Him. Doing so is considered a great act of.
  7. Mar 30,  · labels BAD BRAINS, DEAD KENNEDYS, VARIOUS ARTISTS. Mar 18, ZERO BOYS - Livin' In The 80's EP () Zero Boys were a hardcore punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War LP () Side A ANTI-CIMEX muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfos of a Bomb Raid muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfoate Hours P.O.B. Kaffe Fast download. Objavio/la muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo u.
  8. Back to Notices Main Page Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan - Death Notices Thursday, May 12, Page 2 Mr. Mason of the firm of Dowling & Mason, real estate and insurance agents, went below some time before the opening of navigation, intending to return by first boat.

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