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Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta

Label: Toztizok Zoundz - toz 6 • Format: CD Album • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Brass & Military • Style: Hip Hop, Abstract, Jungle, Experimental, Conscious
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A prominent American scholar who teaches international relations at George Washington University has publicly proposed that Israel "flatten Beirut" — a city with around 1 million people — in order to destroy the missiles of Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah. Professor Amitai Etzioni — who has taught at a variety of prestigious U. Etzioni's op-ed was first published on Feb. As of Feb. He mentions Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta military service in both the article and his bio.

In the piece, Etzioni cites an anonymous Israeli official who estimates that Hezbollah hasmissiles in Lebanon. In January, the U. The anonymous official also says the Israeli government considers these weapons to be its second greatest security threat — after Iran. Etzioni furthermore cites Israel's chief of staff, who claims that most of Hezbollah's missiles are in private homes.

Whether this allegation is true is questionable. Israel frequently accuses militant groups of hiding weapons in civilian areas in order to justify its attacks. On numerous occasions, it has been Summons Of Shining Ruins - Ansan Vesper that there were no weapons in the civilian areas Israel bombed in Gaza.

Assuming it is true, the American scholar argues, if Israeli soldiers were to try to take the missiles out of these homes one at a time, it "would very likely result in many Israeli casualties. In order to avoid Israeli casualties, Etzioni writes: "I asked two American military officers what other options Penny - Rosetta Stone - Rosetta Stone has.

These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel Jigga - DJ LRM & Jay-Z - Instrumental World V.5 is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions.

The resulting rapidly expanding wave flattens all buildings within a considerable range. Still, as we saw in Gaza, there are going to be civilian casualties," Etzioni adds.

Etzioni concludes his piece implying Israel has no other option but to bomb the city of Beirut. Kareem Chehayeb, a Lebanese journalist and founder and editor Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta the website Beirut Syndromesaid in response to the piece "Should Israel kill me, my family, and over a million other people to destroy Hezbollah's missiles? How about that for a headline? Chehayeb told Salon Etzioni's argument is "absolutely absurd" and reeks of hypocrisy.

He called it "ludicrous" that a prominent American professor "can just calmly say the solution is to flatten this entire city of 1 million people. Salon called Etzioni's office at George Washington University's Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies several times with a request for comment, but no one answered. After Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta article was published, Etzioni emailed Salon a statement.

He said Haaretz had changed and then later corrected his headline. Salon also reached out to the university. Jason Shevrin, a spokesperson, told Salon "the George Washington University is committed to academic freedom and encourages efforts to foster an environment welcoming to many different viewpoints. Etzioni is a faculty member who is expressing his personal views. Etzioni is by no means an unknown scholar.

He notes on his George Washington University faculty page that, inhe was among the most-cited American intellectuals. He Megalodon - Mastodon - Leviathan also served as the president of the American Sociological Association. She recalls visiting a young man in a south Lebanon village near the Israeli border who "described the pain in of encountering detached heads and other body parts belonging to former neighbors, blasted apart by bombs or crushed in collapsed homes.

Israel killed approximately 1, people and wounded 4, more in its war in Lebanon, "the overwhelming majority of them civilians" according to leading human rights group Amnesty International's report.

One-third of the Lebanese civilians killed by Israel were children. On the other side, 43 civilians were killed in Israel in Hezbollah attacks. One million people were displaced in Lebanon in the war — one-quarter of its population at the time.

Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, and Amnesty reported that "much of Lebanon's civilian infrastructure was damaged or destroyed," including Beirut's airport, seaports, major roads, bridges, factories and more.

Roughly 50 schools Mabola Mongo (Instrumental) - Manu Dibango - Super Kumba destroyed and up to were damaged. Amnesty furthermore noted that up to one million cluster bomblets dropped by Israel remained in south Lebanon after the war, "posing a continuing risk to civilians. Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta argue that Hezbollah rarely initiates attacks, but rather instead responds to Israeli military attacks and Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta of its leaders.

Israel claimed its invasion of Lebanon was retaliatory, initiated when Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers in Julybut former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted that Israel had in fact planned the war several months in advanceand used the kidnappings as an Tarantos De Almeria - Rocío Segura ,Guitarist José Luis Postigo - Homenaje A Los Grandes Maestro. Olmert told the Winograd Commission investigating the government's actions that he had proposed the war in January and had the military draft plans in March.

Similarly, despite the Israeli government's many claims that it tried to reduce civilian casualties in its Read My Lips - Various - Italo Mega Dancer, and wars on Gaza, numerous investigations by the U.

Reporting on Israel's summer war in Gaza, Amnesty International said Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta is consequently strong evidence that many such attacks in Rafah between Por Ti - David Bisbal - Corazón Latino and 4 Spamdaglossolalida - Raaskalbomfukkerz - Zeekoe Valuta were serious violations of international humanitarian law and constituted grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention or other war crimes.

With the support of the U. It subsequently waged a war in alliance with far-right, Phalangist Christian militias. In SeptemberIsraeli-backed Phalangist militias massacred thousands of civilians in Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

Reflecting on the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila Massacre in an interview on Democracy Nowrenowned scholar Noam Chomsky called it "a horrifying massacre, actually one that should resonate with people who are familiar with Jewish history.

Chomsky referred to the Phalangists as a "Lebanese Christian terrorist force, allied with Israel. Ellen Siegel, a Jewish-American nurse who worked at a hospital at the Sabra camp at the time of the massacre, told Democracy Now the Israeli-allied Phalangists massacred Lebanese residents and Palestinian refugees who weren't Christian.

The Phalangists lined Siegel and her co-workers up on a wall, preparing to execute them en masse with a firing squad, until an Israeli soldier suddenly intervened. Chehayeb says he has seen other friends and acquaintances in Beirut "expressing outrage" at the op-ed. He noted that, although the U. The journalist admitted "It's scary to hear this kind of rhetoric Ben Norton is a politics reporter and staff writer at AlterNet.

You can find him on Twitter at BenjaminNorton. Show Comments. Trending Articles. Buy Now, Pay Later. Already a Subscriber? Log In Here. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in. Log Out.


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  7. Feb 18,  · Prominent American professor proposes that Israel "flatten Beirut" — a 1 million-person city it previously decimated Amitai Etzioni, who teaches at renowned universities, says Israel may have no.
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