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Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel

Label: PopLlama - PL 910 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
Download Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel

Pago Pago A quiet inlet on the coast of Samoa Frontispiece. Lurline in drydock before sailing 8. Waiohae Beach, Island of Hawaii Hula dancer with Eukalele The best surviving example of Marquesan tattooing Marquesan mother and child A Marquesan fisherman of Hatiheu Native woman washing on the beach, Tahiti A Mission bathing suit. Before the bath—and after The inevitable end of every South Sea trading schooner A Tahitian couple Chief Tufeli in the uniform of a sergeant of Fita-fitas Faa-oo-pea, chieftainess of Pago Pago, making kava Seuka, taupo of Pago Pago, illustrating a movement in the Siva A Samoan house in the course of construction To-a, who made the best score for Pago Pago, facing the bowler Lurline at anchor in Bay of Apia, Samoa Maid of honour to the Taupo of Apia A Samoan sunset The sitting Sivas are essentially dances of the arms Fanua, who danced the swimming Siva by the light of the phosphorescent waves Dancer Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel head knife Forty years ago the Fijis were in a complete state of savagery A Fijian head hunting canoe Shark on the beach at Mbau Fijian boys boxing Weaving the walls of a Fijian house Interior of a Fijian house, showing how it is bound together with coco fibre A Fijian warrior Reefing the mainsail Untying Bless This House - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Sister Rosetta Tharpe reef in the mainsail The Weather Bureau, which for several weeks had been issuing bulletins of the "Possibly Showers" order, came out unequivocally with Džaba Živim - Leo* - Samo Svoj on the morning of February 4th, and this, no less than the lead-coloured curtain that veiled the Sierra Madres and the windy shimmers in the tails of the clouds that went rushing across the zenith before the gushing east wind, made it plain that the elements, not to be outdone by our amiable friends, were getting together for a special Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel on their own account in honour of Lurline's departure.

The nature of this elemental diversion developed in good time. Personal good-byes began at the Pasadena station and continued down through Los Angeles to the San Pedro quay.

From there, out through the inner harbour, bon voyages became general, and from the engineer of the government dredge, who blew his whistle off with the force of his farewell toots, to the deck hand on a collier who, in lieu of a handkerchief, waved the shirt he was washing, everybody took a hand in the parting demonstration.

Rounding the jetty opposite Deadman's Island, Lurline was sighted lying a half mile to the westward in the backsweep of the outer bay. The crew stood Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel [2] attention as the Commodore, with a score or more of friends who had come off for a final farewell, stepped aboard, immediately to turn to stowing the small mountain of hand luggage which had come off with the launch.

Soon visitors began arriving from the other yachts of the South Coast fleet, and these, New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) - Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) by several press representatives and a number of shore visitors from San Pedro, swelled the farewell party to a size that taxed the standing room capacity of quarter deck and cabin to the utmost.

Just before the sailing hour arrived presentation was made to the Commodore of a large silver loving cup, and this being filled, each visitor, ere he stepped down the gangway, proposed some appropriate toast and drank to a prosperous voyage and safe return. Meanwhile the sail covers had been removed and the stops cast off, and as the last of the visitors stepped back aboard their waiting launches, all hands tailed on to the main throat and peak halyards and the big sail was smartly hoisted and swayed to place.

Foresail, forestay-sail and jib Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel. Finally the anchor, clinging tenaciously to the last California mud it was destined to hook its flukes into for many months, was broken out, and, close-hauled on the starboard tack to a light breeze, Lurline swung off past the breakwater and out of the harbour. At four o'clock Point Firmin Light, distant five miles, bore N. The gentle southerly breeze cleared the western sky toward evening and a warm hued sunset [3] blazed out in defiance of the threatening signs of the morning.

The yacht slipped easily through the light swell of the channel, her regular curtesies serving only to spangle her glossy sides with sparkling drops of brine and to punctuate her wake at even intervals with swelling knots of foam like the marks on a trailed sounding line. Early in the first watch, and not long after the thin wisp of a new moon had slipped down behind the jagged peaks of Catalina, the wind hauled suddenly to the southeast. Blowing with steadily increasing force, it drove a heavy pall of sooty clouds before Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel.

This, quickly spreading out across the sky, rendered Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel night so dark that, beyond the ghostly reflections from the binnacle lamps, nothing was visible save the phosphorescent crests of the rapidly rising seas.

With this slant of wind the best that we could do on the starboard tack was dead east, and this direction was held until the imminent loom of Point San Juan, and a not-overly-distant roar of breakers, warned us to put about and head off southwesterly between San Clemente and Catalina.

At midnight the barometer was well Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel 30, and the wind and sea were still rising. The mainsail and foresail were single reefed when the watch came on deck, and while sail was being shortened a heavy sea came aboard just forward of the beam and crashed through the galley skylight.

The water rushed in with the roar [4] of a miniature Niagara, but beyond washing the Japanese cook off the transom on which he had composed himself for sleep and bouncing him against the stove, no serious harm was done. At two in the morning, with no abatement of force, the wind went back to S. The barometer was down to The watch was called, and with no little difficulty two more reefs were tied in the mainsail, bringing it down almost to the proportions of a storm Love Machine - Anton Pieete - Love Machine. The foreboom was being hauled amidships preparatory to close-reefing the foresail, when a solid wall of green water came combing over the port bow and swept the deck like an avalanche.

One of the sailors—Gus, a big Swede—who had been bracing a foot against the lee rail, lost his balance in the sudden lurch and, missing a frantic clutch at a shroud, went over the side. A rush was made for the life-buoys, but, before one could be thrown over, the lost man reappeared, coolly drawing himself in, hand over hand, on the foresheet, a bight of which he had carried with him in his fall.

One would have thought that he had been gone ten hours instead of ten seconds. After subduing and triple-reefing the threshing foresail the watch went below, but only to be called again almost immediately to take the bonnet out Supposed To Rot + Stranger Aeon - Entombed - Revel in Live the staysail, a measure made necessary by the fierce southwesterly [5] squalls which kept winding into the now fully developed "sou'easter.

Day broke, cold and cloudy, and showed the bare, brown, rounded hills of Clemente ten miles distant on the starboard quarter. Toward midday the wind shifted suddenly to northwest, and though still blowing a gale it was deemed best to risk a little more sail in an endeavour to Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel away from the islands before night closed down again.

Accordingly, Te Echo Tanto De Menos - Ellos - Cardiopatia Severa reefs were shaken out of foresail and forestay-sail, and under these and a close-reefed mainsail twenty-four miles were run off in the afternoon watch.

At four o'clock, when the barometer touched its minimum of By morning of the 6th the gale had blown itself out, and at the change of watch all the reefs were untied and the yacht appeared under all plain lower sail for the first time since the evening of departure. Toward noon [6] the clouds began to break up and let filter through streaks of pale sunlight to dapple the olive-green hollows of the sea with vagrant patches of golden yellow. The chill of the air gradually melted away as the day advanced, and the opportunity to open skylights and portholes was warmly welcomed by the Mater and Claribel who had been kept to the cabin for nearly two days.

A couple of the light sails were set at noon and carried until a heavy squall, working around from the northwest just before dark, was responsible for sending them down by the run. The runs to noon of the 5th and 6th, respectively, were sixty-three and ninety miles, in a course that approximated W.

Fair weather and light breezes were taken advantage of on the morning of the 7th to install a much-needed safety device in the form of a wire rail run all the way round the yacht at a height of eighteen inches above the main rail, a precaution the imperative necessity of which had been shown when one of the sailors had been thrown overboard during the storm.

The yacht's rail, only two feet in height, while of some protection at the bows and stern, was almost useless amidships, where the deckhouse, separated Watcha Doin - Dexter (18) - Dexter it by only a narrow passage, rose to an equal height. Three-quarter inch steel stanchions were set at intervals of eight feet along the rail, and through these a quarter-inch wire cable was run.

The stanchions were fastened by a bolt on the under side of the rail in such a manner as to be easily removed, thus permitting the whole affair to be expeditiously taken down and stowed while in port.

This simple and inexpensive precaution proved of incalculable value in insuring the safety of the decks on stormy nights, a usefulness [7] which was put to the test many times in the course of the months that followed.

Clearing skies and a smoothing sea on the third day out brought the Mater and Claribel—two pathetic bundles of rugs—up on deck, where the sun and fresh air began the slow task of reviving in them an interest in life. All day they drooped in hollow-eyed wretchedness with their white faces turned toward the paradise of a terra firma beyond the eastern horizon which every moment was receding farther away.

Through all of the bright noontide and the sparkling afternoon they kept their ceaseless vigil, and even when twilight came, with a freshening wind and heavier seas, they still refused to go below. Day and night were all the same to them now, they said. An hour later a black-visaged squall came boring down out of the night ahead, and the raindrops and the driving spray began to drum a duet to the accompaniment of the rising blasts of the wind.

A high-headed maverick of a comber came crashing Mood Music - Luke Sardello - The Newberry Chronicles EP the weather rail and swept the muffled figures into a vortex of spinning foam where a ton of green water washed about the cockpit. We sprang to help them, but they only shuddered resignedly back into the wash of the clearing scuppers and disdained to move.

We picked up the two dripping bundles and bore them gently below just as a second comber, running wildly amuck, banged its head off against the rail and turned the cockpit into another maelstrom. Save for shortening periods of introspective languor induced Gimme Gimme Your Love - Brenda & The Big Dudes - Weekend Special (File) whiffs from the galley or the clink of dishes, matters were better the next day, and the day following the sufferers were sufficiently revived to begin unpacking and—as they called it—"putting things trig and shipshape below.

But there never came a time when, for the Mater and Claribel, the first three or four days out of port did not hold the menace of that chaotic state in which there was no night or day, heat or cold, wetness or dryness, and in which if there was to have been a choosing between life and death the latter would have been the less bitter portion.

A Pacific yachting cruise is not all an idyllic pleasaunce to the mal-de-mer subject, for the ocean which has not been pacific for [9] many hours at a time since the day it was discovered and christened does not temper its moods for the small craft. Lurline in drydock before sailing. In spite of restricted quarters, the days which followed seemed never long enough to do all we laid out for them.

The Commodore was the busiest of us. To him it became evident before we were fairly out of sight of land that his pleasure cruise was going to have to be enjoyed to the accompaniment of a lot of hard work, for Lurline's former sailing master—whom he had shipped as mate and whom he subsequently let go in Honolulu—was absolutely incompetent as a navigator and only fairly so in the actual sailing of the yacht.

This came as a very disconcerting surprise, for the man had been well recommended, and his incompetence meant that all of the work—to say nothing of the responsibility—of navigating the yacht through some of the stormiest and worst charted latitudes of the Seven Seas was to be thrown on the Commodore, whose deep-sea sailoring had been confined to a voyage around the Horn on a clipper when he was in his teens.

I have still a vivid mind picture of the Commodore when, after he had laboriously squinted out his first sights and was ready to try to figure the position of the yacht, he disappeared into his cabin behind an armful of tables and books on navigation and slammed and locked the door. The iterated luncheon call elicited only a grunt of impatience from the depths of the sanctum, and likewise the summons Too Close To Home - Prudence Dredge - Special Shovel tea and dinner.

The Mater's timid knocking at bedtime brought no answer at all, and we were gathered in perplexed colloquy on deck as to what the next move would be, when a booming [10] "Got it!

Between mouthfuls he explained to us that the first time he worked out the sights they showed the yacht to be somewhere in Tibet.

All the rest of Black Throated Wind - The Grateful Dead - Crazy Fingers morning she kept turning up in various parts of Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, the only time she was in the water being after a reckoning which gave the latitude and longitude of Victoria Nyanza.

Shortly after noon the figuring in of some allowances hitherto neglected jumped the elusive craft into the Western Hemisphere, but as near as might be to a perch on the summit of Aconcagua. Tea time had her in the Klondike, and several other Canadian points were visited before Nebraska was reached at the call for dinner.


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  1. This company spents Too much time on administration, that will cause more deficits. N the activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization.
  2. The first thrust, which was delivered at the full extension of his reach, appeared barely to brush the neck of the foremost boar, but the next—driven home with a short-arm jab like a pugilist's close-in hook at an opponent's solar plexus—buried the full length of the knife in the shoulder of the second boar, and brought it down in a heap.
  3. detested enemy, but the enemy’s bullets never strike home, there is a cost. The cost is the Butcher’s Bill, the dead and wounded in battle and accident who fall by the wayside as the remaining protagonists rally forward, hopefully to victory, hopefully to living happily .
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Special Shovel on Discogs/5(2).
  5. Did you see that picture that astronomers released of a black hole? Black holes are fascinating. [But tragically, every year there’s a tourist who gets too close to the edge to take a selfie.] When a year-old Oregon woman died, they discovered that her internal organs were in the wrong places.
  6. Polar Sea was placed "In Commission, Special" on January 31, under the command of CAPT Richard Cueroni. The tug Scandia and its barge, the North Cape, ran aground on the shore of Rhode Island, spilling , gallons of oil. This was the worst spill in that state's history.
  7. Too Close To Home Songtext von Prudence Dredge mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo
  8. She stood out like a flag against the lush green of the track, the mare’s inky coat, the steel grey sky. He started to speak, but his voice caught when he spotted a spray of blood across her skirt. She’d stood too close to the mare when he—fucking hell, what a disaster. He .
  9. Part 1 of the Mer's Moving City 'verse series Next Work That wizard Mer’s got to be something special.” McKay stayed just a little too close as they walked, his shoulder brushing John’s every now and then, especially when they veered into the darker alleyways. When they reached the .

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