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Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18

Label: CBS/Sony - 28AH 1714 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Promo • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Synth-pop, J-pop
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Sign In. The Vampire Doll Hide Spoilers. Boaz 8 May Give it a shot. TOHO has three Dracula films. All three are excellent in their original language versions.

Now, don't expect "Victorian Era" vampire horror here, like in the Hammer films. This is Japanese after all. All three films have great atmosphere and some very creepy scenes. I write this review for this particular one because it has no other reviews. And it deserves one.

TOHO is better known for its giant monster flicks Godzilla etc. Its well worth your time. Very much out of character for TOHO and a darn good effort on their Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18. Its a shame many horror fans don't know of this or the other two titles. Its just one guys opinion that these films belong in any "Vampire" film lover's collection.

Was this review helpful? Sign in Its All Over Now, Baby Blue - Various - Kuschelrock 4 vote. Arriving at a desolate mansion, a young man searching for his dead girlfriend finds that she has been turned into a vampire before he disappears, forcing his sister and her friend to come looking for him who discover the horrible truth about them and how to get away from the house alive.

Frankly, this was a really enjoyable and interesting effort. One of the more appealing aspects of this one is the fact that it manages to really feel like a fantastic mixture of the different country's styles throughout here.

The fact that it goes for a more traditional Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 flavor Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 it's setup, from the large layout of the mansion and the the way it's decorated, the overall traditional feel of the house while the two are staying there looking for her missing brother and the straightforward setup here all make this one a rather familiar tone than what would be expected from a vampire film from this era.

There's quite an eerie feel from the large wooden layout and the multiple floors of the house, the long winding basement path and secret passages that are all part of the experience when it comes to these types of Gothic efforts, enabling for some rather eerie scenes where the couple is investigating the source of chilling wails coming from deep inside the house or witnessing ghostly figures emerging out of the shadows before being scared away by the light shining in their face.

These here are in place to hold the film up for it's more Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 moments, such as a great brawl in the woods where Salon Baby - Deadstar - The Definitive Collection digging up the corpse they end up fighting off the henchmen as well as the big confrontation in the house where they finally come face-to-face with the vampires inside the house and leads into the rather shocking manner of disposal here that gives this a rather fun finale.

Given that this uses some rather chilling and creepy looks to the main leads gives this a rather nice edge here while giving this another big Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 alongside the nicely effective bloodletting when it occurs, these here give this one enough to like to be able to hold itself up over it's few minor flaws.

One of the main issues here is the pacing issues on display, as this one is rather dull in spots during its middle section.

Since the middle of the film is about the investigation into what happened, it's mostly about the two of them going around the house being scared of everything or in the village nearby looking for answers to the mystery it does slow down a touch here which does counteract some of the vampire action. As well, there's also the rather strange manner in which this one deals with the vampirism as the focus on more western mythology doesn't translate as well into Eastern folklore so it not only has rather strange means of being inducted into the concept of a vampire but how it's actually dealt with is slightly strange and doesn't make much sense.

Nonetheless, there's still a lot to enjoy here. Kazuhiko Sagawa Atsuo Nakamura met and fell in love with Yuko Yukiko Kobayashi while in Tokyo, but had to go abroad for six months on business. When he returns, he decides to go to Yuko's secluded country home in a small village called Tadeshina to pay her a visit. Almost immediately upon arriving, strange things begin to happen. The creepy, near-deaf servant Genzo Kaku Takashina attacks him right after he enters the door, but is called off by Yuko's mother, Mrs.

She still offers up her home for him to stay in and he agrees. That night, Kazuhiko hears something coming from Yuko's room, goes to investigate and finds Yuko standing in the closet. He's knocked out by someone, and the next day the mother claims he must had fainted and dreamt it all. The following evening Kazuhiko looks out his window and sees Yuko.

He follows her into the woods and to the family graveyard. When he catches sight of her, she's ghostly white and ice cold, and pleads "Please kill me A week later, Kazuhiko's sister Keiko gorgeous Kayo Matsuo becomes worried because she hasn't heard from her brother. She and her friend Hiroshi Akira Nakao decide to take a trip to Yuko's former residence to look for him, and that's when they discover the home's sordid history, a tragic attack that soiled the family name and of a possible curse.

During a visit to the town doctor Jun Usamithey learn that twenty-years earlier a killer broke into the home and murdered nearly everyone there except for Mrs. Nonomura, who was raped and ended up conceiving a child.

That child was Yuko. They were then shunned by the locals and became Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 . After the car accident, the grief-stricken mother couldn't part with her daughter, and through another means found a way to ensure she could keep Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 around. The film is technically well-made, with good cinematography, nicely composed shots, classy art direction inside the Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 home and fine performances from the entire cast.

Unfortunately, it's also saddled with a confused, needlessly cluttered and muddled screenplay. Yuko seems to be either a vengeance-seeking ghost or a blood-thirsty vampire, but may not be either.

So how is she able to return from the grave? There's talk of the mother making a pact with the devil to keep her alive And she might not even actually be dead; when her grave is excavated, all that's there is a mannequin.

The movie waits until the last This Is Not My Life - Fastball - The Harsh Light Of Day to start flinging around various ideas about who or what Yuko is, and why she's back from the dead killing people, before finally deciding to settle back into the vengeful ghost mold. So while it's a pretty good effort overall, it's not quite as good, nor as satisfying, as Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 could have been, despite fine production values and eerie visions of the pale-faced, green-eyed Yuko popping up from time to time.

The lead actresses and actors had also mostly played in low-budget gangster movies or television films. Nobody really expected this take on classic Western vampire stories to be a success but The Vampire Doll turned out being an incredibly atmospheric film that has stood the test of time. The settings are perfectly chosen for this film that starts on a lonely road in rural Japan on a rainy night. The most important location is the secluded mansion inspired by Western culture with its elegant but old-fashioned decorations.

The old cemetery that isn't taken care of blends in perfectly. Creepy Creepy - Danny Elfman - To Die For the nearby sleepy village recalls elements of European horror literature and cinema. The ominous, melodic and gloomy soundtrack fits perfectly as Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18.

The sound effects of a wailing woman and angry birds intensify the atmosphere. The camera work is generally calm and precise and therefore surprises when sudden cuts take place to introduce quite efficient jump scares. The acting performances are superb. Matsuo Kayo convinces as sympathetic lead actress who is very emotive and willing to risk her life to save her brother.

Her more grounded and rational partner played by Nakao Akira complements her excellently. Minakaze Yoko excels as creepy lady who seems to have some skeletons in her closet. Takashina Kaku convinces as deaf employee with a hauntingly creepy look and rude manners.

Every single actor and actress involved performs with passion and talent that is unusual for such a low-budget horror movie. It's something that is very rarely seen nowadays. The story isn't the most creative one and obviously inspired by classic European horror films but it's told in a steady pace that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

The movie revolves Sagawa Kazuhiko who had spent six months abroad and wants to see his fiancee Nonomura Yuko again. When he arrives at her family mansion, he is told by her mother that she died two weeks earlier in a tragic traffic accident.

About a week later, Sagawa Kazuhiko still hasn't returned home and his sister Keiko starts to Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 worried. She convinces her fiance Takagi Hiroshi to visit the family mansion where her brother was headed for. When they arrive, they are told that her brother left the day after he was told that his fiancee had died but Keiko senses that strange things are going on in the mansion. Her fiance and she decide to Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 to investigate the family's sinister past in a nearby town.

The further they investigate, the more their lives are getting in danger. If you like classic atmospheric horror movies, you will adore The Vampire Doll. The settings, effects and acting are still superb by contemporary standards. It's the best horror film I have seen in a long time and I would both revisit it again soon and recommend it to my friends.

Keiko Kayo Matsuo and her La Vida Es Una Fiesta - Xuxa - Xuxa 3 try to find her missing brother after he disappeared on a trip to visit his girlfriend Yuko Yukiko Kobayashi. They don't get very far as Yuko's mother claims the brother ran away after finding out Yuko had been killed in a car wreck the week before his visit.

But Keiko finds signs that she might be being lied to - namely, a doll that her brother had purchased and, oh yeah, she sees Yuko's corpse walking around at night. This Toho production is a unique Japanese take on vampires.

Fans of suave vampire types will be disappointed as this film's count is very different. The film does benefit from some great scary and atmospheric bits though. I also wonder if Tobe Hooper ever saw this as several things remind me of his later SALEM'S LOTmost notably the design of the vampire pale blue face with gold glowing eyes and the rotting depiction of the vampire's lair.

Very well shot and creepy tale that seems to be somewhat unoriginal at first, albeit, still able to induce a few jumps by me, which Stille Vor Dem Sturm - Richard Strauss - Karajan*, Berliner Philharmoniker - Eine Alpensinfonie (An a bit unusual.

Gradually, though, this becomes less familiar and whilst occasionally verging on the Indiana - Helge* - Sammlung Schneider! Musik Und Lifeshows! (Box Set, Album, Album, Album, Album, Al, still enough solid horror element to hold one pretty spellbound in its grip. The most unusual and intermittent soundtrack helped keep up the unease and indeed, ramp up the scares.

The final denouement almost degenerates into farce but once again the direction is so sharp that we are still persuaded. Good performances all round and a particularly energetic one by the guy playing the mute servant. Lovely old western style house too, which, I assume is why we had none of the usual shoe removing. Effects were simple yet effective and the dead girl always very good indeed. Well worth catching and I must Yoko Nakamura - Shocking Doll 18 out for the other two in the series.

It is interesting to see the Japanese view of vampire and how scary the make-up is. The plot is satisfactory and will not disappoint any fan of the genre.


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  1. The Vampire Doll is the first film of what would later on become The Bloodthirsty Trilogy with Lake of Dracula and Evil of Dracula. Produced by Toho Studios, The Vampire Doll was directed by rather unknown director Yamamoto Michio who had been working as assistant director on Kurosawa Akira's Throne of Blood.
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  6. Shocking Doll (ショッキング・ドール). Heart no Iro wa Umi no Iro (ハートの色は海の色). Natsu Iro My Heart (夏色マイハート). Shocking Doll 18 (ショッキング・ドール18). Subete (すべて). Aparición en otros medios (revista) En la parte derecha se menciona el nombre de su personaje.

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