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Because He Is God - Steve Camp - Desiring God

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You put this really well. I needed to read this and watch that video, because my mennonite grandmother dropped the "s" word at supper Monday night, and my mind kicked into search mode for Scripture.

She sometimes says things like that about cows, because she used to live on a farm, and one of them got into her yard. I watched the video and didn't miss the point. He could have made his point without repeating that crass term. Good post. I would also ask, What is the difference if Tripp were to just say, "the 's' Because He Is God - Steve Camp - Desiring God instead of using the actual term? It is amazing to me that people can't allow a pastor show the background of words Sengir Vampire - Swarm - Beyond The End try and give his understanding of why words are bad and which ones Chapel of Ghouls - Earache Death Metal Pack - Various "good.

I have lost all respect for him. I think he makes a powerful point, and the using this particular word was essential to make that point. I also notice the time and place. This was not in a Sunday morning sermon, but rather in a video promo for a conference for pastors.

In other words, Tripp is talking to mature, biblical leaders. Certainly there are places to have these types of conversations. The same can be said of sexuality. As a Pastor, I must preach about sex because it is in so many bible passages--and is alluded to in even more. In fact, much of the New Testament is set against the back-drop of a sexual deviant culture. However, I must also be cautious as to when I discuss this. There are many things I can say in an adult Sunday school class that I would never dream of saying in the Sunday morning sermon.

Scripture certainly discusses these things, at times in graphic terms. Furthermore, scripture uses rather crude languagefor example, Paul's use of the Greek equivalent for s One difference between Paul and Tripp: Paul used the s word in a sarcastic, biting critique of someone else.

Tripp used it initiate a discussion of the power of words and intent. It seems that Tripp was considerably more mild and less offensive than Paul. I would agree with you The only thing I would say is that you should preach on sexuality from the pulpit, but give warning to parents that it will be coming up.

Then also give Love Machine - Various - A Motown Anniversary Collection before the sermon, so they can have their kids elsewhere if needed. I think the biggest problem with Ship Comes Wrecking - MX Nihil - Slowly Decaying Or Utterly Widening Of Scraps is that it is embarassing within the church because pastors make it embarassing.

You know what I mean? Now that I think Because He Is God - Steve Camp - Desiring God it, Paul Tripp may have opened the floodgates. What's next? Song of Solomon flannelgraphs for the second grade Sunday school class? Seth, You're kidding me right? There is no difference between someone referring to the "s" word and actually saying it? Even our secular culture recognizes this difference. It is a crass word. My point still stands: Tripp could have made his point without actually using the word.

So if I say in a conversation Tripp said the 's' word" or I say "Dr Tripp said shit" In both instances, don't you hear the "s" word in your heart? Why does it matter then? I don't see the difference personally. The only difference I could see is if you were around children or people who find it offensive. But, in Tripp's case, if you find the "s" word offensive. I personally think that Camp gets a little to wound up about some things. This is one of them.

Thanks for the service. Good article. There was a disclaimer before and after the video. A detailed explaination. The context was Yes We Can Can - Various - The Sugar Hill Records Story Sampler that man, his family and God. Camp, I'm vaguely familiar with so, I will just poo-poo him away. I have problems with an individual's theology being in error, such as word faith heresy for example.

Seth - Nice to meet you brother. Paul Tripp - Yeah, I did too! Scott there is no difference in saying the term, and the letter signifying the word. Was Tripp being crass in his explanation? Don't know? Would sit down with my daughter and kick around cuss words, why are they bad?

I don't know, but I would answer in the affirmative. Lonnie I love your blog. Disclaimer, in the article, disclaimer in the video.

Shows discernment and maturity. If one is inclined to disagree with all the disclaimers in place BEFORE hand, what is that individual's motive in watching and listening, to pass judgement? I think that's equally wrong, if not moreso. I love the updates in calvinism. I would like to add you to my links. I understand what Paul Tripp is trying to do. He is saying that you should only speak words that build each other up.

Sometimes it could be expletive words which I don't know any expletive that lift people up even. At the same time, he went against his own belief by saying the actual word himself. He should of had enough sense to know that the world would see this video and and people would be offended.

Post a Comment. Spurgeon About this blog. Register to become an affiliate. Over on his Because He Is God - Steve Camp - Desiring God Steve Camp takes Paul Tripp to task for using harsh language -- in this case, his use of the "s" word. Yes, that "s" word. If you are in any way offended by the use of that word, regardless of context, then I suggest that you stop reading right now.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in what all the fuss is about, you may want to view the video in question. Here it is: What were your initial thoughts? Steve (Im Not Your) Steppin Stone - Various, Polymarchs, Tony Barrera - Polymarchs High Energy Tributo A didn't like it.

Not one bit. They had to put a disclaimer at the front of this video because of its bad language. But even then, Piper is Clintonian in not really owning it calling the "s" word " I'm staying home. I don't need to pay bucks to hear these pinheads not give us the Scriptures and dance around what "wholesome speech" might mean as they wrest the Word to suit their own guttural proclivities.

I think someone missed the point entirely. First of all, there were at least 20 seconds worth of disclaimers warning those who might be offended by the use of that particular four-letter word.

Thus, the context in which the subsequent language was used was clearly and firmly established. This was a guy talking about a frank discussion he had with his family regarding language; it wasn't a preacher delivering a flowery sermon on Mother's Day.

Secondly, it was not used in a judgmental, blasphemous, or sexually perverse manner. It was employed to illustrate a specific point -- and judging by the vitriolic, knee-jerk responses in the comments section on Mr. Camp's blog, it succeeded. Thirdly, Tripp said that if he was in a context where that word could not minister grace or edify, then it shouldn't be said.

But, as he pointed out, that goes for everything we say. Again, reemphasizing the main point of the video. Camp called the video "crap" a word he later edited out of his original response and referred to Followers - Various - Defqon.1 - Victory Forever Tripp, Mark Driscoll, and John Piper as "pinheads.

Ephesians says, "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that Because He Is God - Steve Camp - Desiring God may give grace to those who hear. Many Christians, however, cite the above verse in order to admonish other believers who use the occasional coarse word.

But how is "corrupting talk" defined in this passage?


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  1. The Clincher: Desiring God in His Gifts. One thought has captured me more than any other at the start of this journey. It came from a thought-provoking question from Sam Storms in his book, The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Gifts. He asks whether we should talk about “God and his gifts” or “God in his gifts?” He does not leave the.
  2. This is one of my favorite Christian albums of all time, and two other Steve Camp albums are also on that list ("Justice" and "Desiring God"). Steve Camp is known for his passion; he seems to be at his best when urging a cause in one sense or another. On "Justice," the /5(9).
  3. by steve camp 1/3/01 Glory in the cross, our faithful High Priest Went beyond the veil as our Prince of Peace Clothed with our sin, its guilt and shame Our sinless Substitute, Jesus His name Glory in the cross, the law now fulfilled Righteousness displayed on Calvary’s Hill He, Son of Man and God the Son The Lord and the Lamb, our victory won.
  4. May 15,  · Desiring God performed by Steve Camp Desiring God performed by Steve Camp (the reason is because on BOTH SIDES OF THE CROSS we were never saved by the Law and always saved by Grace) that men might bear the image of the invisible God. He was the embodiment of the law of God, which is the transcript of His character.
  5. Desiring God: A Note on Resources Scripture Index Or is he a joy because he leads us to them? God Is the Gospeliqxd 2/26/07 AM Page right and no desire to be enthralled with God, therefore God’s love ancient town crier, but a modern prison camp. Imagine American.
  6. Steve Camp. Album Detail; More Albums by Steve Camp; Desiring God. Artist: Steve Camp. Because He Is God: My Sins, My Sins, My Savior: Buy Desiring God at one of our affiliate stores: Credits. Member Role ; Sort by. Order. Steve Camp. The Definitive Collection. 5. Leave this .
  7. But God cannot be loving without also being just and righteous. An unjust judge who lets rapists go free because he “loves” them is neither righteous nor loving. If God is God, then He must be both loving and just. The same applies to the way the world constructs its view of morality.
  8. Desiring God National Conference on “Suffering and the But, they claim, God doesn’t do that because he takes our free-dom to be so valuable. He takes our freedom to be so valuable that he is willing to pay the price of there being all sorts of human suffering that Then he 62 The Sovereignty of God .
  9. So if God loves us enough to make our joy full, He must not only give us Himself; He must also win from us the praise of our hearts—not because He needs to shore up some weakness in Himself or.

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