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ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set

Label: Warner Music Thailand - none • Format: Box Set Album, Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: Thailand • Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Country Rock
Download ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set

Note: In this song, Aed Carabao wrote the hook. The rap group Thaitanium of course wrote the rap sections. Any words that were originally in English are written here in capital letters. This is possibly my favorite song of all time. It was translated with the help of a foreign exchange student.

I know this is one you will ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set to sing along to in Thai. To help you sing this in Thai, the transliterated Thai follows the straight English translation. Fasten your seat belts ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set. Blow a kiss. Just once more, in a few more moments, ignite. Fire up the engine!

Bye everybody! Up in the dark sky, a shiny star is skarkling Shining brilliantly. Who is that star? Tell me, who are you?

We are the star in the sky. We are the diamond that is valuable We are the steel that is hardened We are the thing that is ahead We are the bird that flies free In the sea, we are the dolphin We can imagine freely.

Even hell that has fire Even though I am tired a little No one will come tell me, No! Will go to make it happen. We must try! Go to the farthest horizon. Singable English translation by Ann Norman based on exact version done with Equality - Hellsongs - These Are Evil Times. from anonymous foreign exchange student.

This was the first singable translation I did, and we made a video. Morning sunlight bursts out from that distant hillside Saying much more time has arrived Take your life onwards toward the goal that you choose You might win, you might lose, you should try! Watch the crows flying off and out of our sight each looking for something to eat. A reminder that each soul is born to this world To search, to struggle, to fight. Make sure it is something you mean. This translation is not an exact translation the direct translation is HEREfor instance I mention quarters and dimes—American money.

And here you can hear Michael Albert, an American musician friend from workcovering Wanipok in English. This is just a demo:. In a dark and secretive place Just listening, taking in sound I looked out, it felt like dream I got tired and then I laid down [I] woke up feeling renewed.

I might see the sun once again Why waste my life. So I sing. The album Wanipokappearing ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set years before the band became hugely famous, is a classic and pretty much perfect.

Read the Album Review here at CarabaoinEnglish. Note: This infectious patriotic song came out immediately before the political divisions in Thailand erupted into protests provoking yet another military coup. Are you well? New things will come. Only have to turn our heads to consult. Most people when making merit will want to put gold leaf on the front of the Buddha statue where everyone can see it what they did. This song will give ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set a good idea of how many Thais feel about their king, who was actively involved in rural development and hydrology projects, among other things.

Partial translation 1 verse. Sixty-five years serving on the throne. Thais throughout the country are appropriately proud [We] have a great king who watches over and cares for us, devotes his royal body for us, Searches and thinks up new paths and ideas throughout his whole long-lasting reign In the river there is fish.

In the fields there is rice. So who, day and night, watches out [for us] and continues his work? He is a person who puts gold [leaf] on the back of Buddha [statue]. A person who puts gold on the back the Buddha. A person who puts gold on the back of the Buddha.

It was fun to listen to. But actually it sent moral support to the soldiers at the lower levels. Verse 1 [spoken] Note: This song was written about the Tsunami that hit Thailand. A Japanese musician translated and sang it for Japan after its Tsunami. What is that? There is no exception. Humans are equal to a grain of sand. This is fate. Can I see?

Just like this? Now I see! Completely Mahler* - Georg Solti, London Symphony Orchestra* - Symphony No.1 Go mess up.

NOTE: This song is one of my very favorites. However Khun Aed says that, more generally, it is a song to honor all those people who have influenced us, and made us who we are. It is also a song to honor the band, Carabao. Provides medicine and is a doctor when necessary. Fly against the wind! His vision and hearing are fading, his body is stooped over. There it is: dharmic truth:.

Endurance does not continue to endure. Not endure. Online, I read that Add took off on his own going with the truck that sends the mail to go study at in Bangkok at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok: Uthentawai Campus. I retranslated this song after I noticed something pretty cool.

This story in places is made of titles of Carabao and Parn songs stringed together! Feel free to point them out. Likes Carabao songs. To split up would be better. The young woman sings Parn songs. The buffalo ช้างไห้ - คาราบาว - 20 ปี คาราบาว Box Set might be the carabao logo, which maybe the boy who likes Carabao songs is wearing or displaying, LOL! To be left claping with one hand is a metaphor for being left alone when your partner leaves you.

There is more than one Thai love songs by that title. Many years passed. Buy it at eThaiCD, where you can shop in English. Note: This is the direct translation done with the help of Si. Aed Carabao even found it and really liked it!!! Even if [my] heart breaks. Newcomers should probably start with a later album.

Note: This anthem is the Carabao mission statement and, remarkably it appeared on their Nemoj Po Glavi D.P.

- Azra - Sunčana Strana Ulice I Druge Pjesme (Vol. II) first album. The sound quality on the first album is so bad, it sounds like three people singing into a tape recorder. So it is freaky that the album ended with a song that perfectly summarizes Carabao and their accomplishments up until today.

The Spell of Carabao songs. Note: English translation by Ann and thanks, Sunny! This one is less famous because it is more recent, but it is amazing. Sorry no Thai words because we did it by listening rather than starting from written lyrics. The winner gets the prize The loser gets the disappointment An easy matter that everyone understands So how come [I] still have to endure Love I Cant Wait - Various - Yellow Pills: Prefill on the bench?

Losing may do bad things to people, but one day it will pass Let the time heal the wound The rest of life is the prize. The prize of the loser is the breath you still have left The prize of the loser is experience [you can] use to redeem yourself. The prize of the loser is endurance, is strength of heart The prize of the loser is to win the next time.


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  3. ช้างไห้ – เพลง 20 ปี คาราบาว บันทึกสดๆ ในคอนเสิร์ต – Buy your Thai music from the helpful and reliable people at muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo Type "Carabao" into their search box and GO! Lyrics Translations for the Band.
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  5. Sep 08,  · BOX set อัสนี - วสันต์ 30 ปี สวัสดีครับ 10อัลบั้มเต็มและอีก 1 อัลบั้มพิเศษ number ชีล - คอรัสเพื่อชีวิต มนต์เพลงคาราบาว 2 ซีดี แผ่นชีล
  6. สวัสดี ปีใหม่ ท่าน ผู้ฟัง ค่ะ Happy New Year, Honored Listeners!. Thai lyrics and music by Aed Carabao แอ๊ด คาราบาว Album: นักสู้ผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ Nak Soo Phu Ying-yai () This ALBUM IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. BUY IT at eThai CD.
  7. concert: 20 ปี คาราบาว - 20 เพลง [2 dvd] concert: 20 ปี อัสนี-วสันต์ - 26 เพลง [1 dvd] 13 ช้างไห้ disc 2 14 หลวงพ่อคูณ - dvd concert ทุกประเภท ราคาแผ่นละ dvd หนังชุด (box set.

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