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Sherrie and Trudie - I - Water Temple - One Generations Tragedy Is The Next Ones Joke

Label: Heartless Robot Productions - HRP018 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Art Rock, Experimental, Garage Rock, Punk, Stoner Rock
Download Sherrie and Trudie - I - Water Temple - One Generations Tragedy Is The Next Ones Joke

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Warning spoilers are in these threads! The person who designed this dungeon is evil, pure fucking evil. The first two dungeons in this game are fun, creative and flowing no pun intended, the Lakebed temple isn't worthy of one. So here's a list of sorts of everthing this temple failed at. Swiming Controls - Why is Link so slow!? I'm supposed to be the Hero of Legend not a fatass at the pool! Move dammit! Why is the Lakebed Temple so low in Lake Hylia!?

It's not like you can get in there before getting the Zora Tunic anyways so why does it need to be so fucking far!? Half of this dungeon is waiting for Link to haul his ass up vines! And it's so damn easy to fall off or miss platforms in this dungeon since everything fucking moves so once you've missed a platform you get to climb the damn vines again. WAITING - There's kind of a golden rule as far as game design goes, give the player an action to do all the time or they will get bored.

You ever try playing a Zelda game without rolling ever? I have, it's incredibly dull, takes away a good chunk of enjoyment.

That's why rolling is in the game, it gives the player somthing to do even when there isn't anything to do. We see this while riding Epona with galloping. However when climbing vines the player can only sit there and wait, with the control stick up, while Link hauls his weak ass up them. It doesn't just stop at the vines either, this dungeon is filled with tedious waiting. Waiting for the platforms to come around, waiting for cutscenes to play, waiting for Link to sink, waiting for Link to tell you that you've just gotten a Blue Rupee for the three thousandth seventy third and a half time, waiting for Link to move with the Iron Boots, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Confusing Layout - since the dungeon is symmetrical each room looks and feels the same, leading to a bunch of confusion for me personally. Dick Rupee Placement and Wallet Limits - I remember the first time I ever played through this dungeon; at the very top of the first room where you turn on the water, there is a chest in the back that you need the Clawshot to reach.

So being the conplethionist that I am I got the Clawshot and came back to nab the chest. I spent, I shit you not 5 minutes painstakingly trudging up the water slide with the Iron Boots occasionlly using the targets when I could actually target them, I got Una Audienca Muerta - Justo Betancourt - Pa Bravo Yo the top, reached the chest and opened it up To each their own.

I mean I was stuck in the water temple for literally 7 real life years, but once I found that damn key the dungeon was a cakewalk and continues to be one every time I replay OoT, about once a year.

Lakebed on the other hand has always felt confusing and frustrating to me, not enough to make me hate the game or anything, but Jesus Christ it just feels like a grind. It doesn't make me hate the game, and Lakebed isn't difficult either, it's just Cold - The Strawberry Zots - Cars, Flowers, Telephones big chore.

If Lakebed wasn't so terrible Twilight Princess would be my favourite Zelda game. Whoops, messed up my comment reply, stupid mobile. Oh well, there's like 4 comments, I'm sure everyone can figure out who I was replying to. As far as 3D water dungeons go, it's tops for me.

Haven't played SS yet but supposedly Ancient Cistern is great too. I agree with your ranking, then put Cistern above Lakebed. Go play SS now. And yet MM is still my all-time favorite game. Honestly I just walk around and eventually get through, just like with the Water Temple. No particular process, just wandering and observing. Ugh I agree with you on 2.

If there's one damn thing they improve in TPHD, it better be vine climbing. I'm not trying to belittle you, and I A minute to smell the flowers - Amos Hoffman - Carving understand.

But orange you glad it's not the Water Temple? Be honest; if they remade the Water Temple in Twilight Princess you'd never play it again. At least you don't have Sherrie and Trudie - I - Water Temple - One Generations Tragedy Is The Next Ones Joke do that friggin' Iron Boot switch every 4 seconds. Though later games made the boots button equip-able, so switching is far easier.

Also the water temple isn't My Heart Would Know - Hank Williams - 20 Of Hank Williams Greatest Hits difficult. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of One Generation's Tragedy Is The Next One's Joke on Discogs.3/5(1).
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  6. One Generation's Tragedy Is The Next One's Joke by Water Temple, released 08 April 1. Sherrie and Trudie - I 2. Sherrie and Trudie - II 3. Sherrie and Trudie - III 4. Sherrie and Trudie - IV 5. Sherrie and Trudie - V 6. Summin2Die4 7. Pint Of Coffee 8. Boring Synth Plot Development 9. Out Of The Closet/Into The Girl Off The Roof
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