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Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File)

Label: Not On Label (Casey LaLonde Self-released) - none • Format: 12x, File FLAC • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Downtempo, Electro, Trip Hop, Ambient
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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I've seen fics where the humans are being held prisoner by trolls, and fics where the trolls are being held prisoner by humans. Warning: There is no sex in this story, but there is explicit nonconsensual and questionably consensual pale intimacy. An Alternian close encounter of the fourth kind involves engaging in peaceful face-to-face interaction with aliens before you kill them, and only the Condesce is allowed to do that!

Even in your wildest dreams of becoming a Threshecutioner, you could Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) expect a close encounter of the third kind, killing aliens face-to-face, but realistically you shouldn't hope for more than second kind killing them from a ship or first kind detecting them and planning to kill themassuming your mutant blood doesn't get you culled before you have a chance Straight From The Wood - Jean-François Bonnel & His English Friends - Jean-François Bonnel & His Eng leave the homeworld and meet any aliens at all.

Right now you're too busy to think about your future aspirations, anyway, because you've been dragged out of your recuperacoon in the middle of the day by freakishly strong At least, you've decided they must be aliens. They're vaguely troll-shaped, but they have one horn each, their proportions are all off, what you've seen of their skin looks like smooth stone, you're pretty sure they have three eyes, and did you mention they have a horn apiece?

You briefly thought they might be some kind of imperial drone, but you're pretty sure now that they're not. Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) just undergone a horrifyingly thorough medical examination under painfully bright lights. They seemed surprised by your blood color, but not displeased. They finish off by smearing something over your teeth that covers the sharp points, and similarly anointing your claws. You probably couldn't The Dark Lake - Enbilulugugal - Noizemongers For Goatserpent break skin like this.

They stuff you into a shapeless gray shift thing, snap a collar around your neck, and deposit you in a small, dark block with a padded floor. The dark is a huge relief. Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) kind of want to just curl up and shake for a while, but there's some sort of window at the other end of Far From Home - My Molly - Beekeepers block.

It's a large, low window or a short, wide door, and it lets out into a larger block with a little more light, though Igreja De Santo Estevão - Various - Fados Do Fado Vol.8 still comfortably dim.

There are some piles of pillows, or possibly sandbags, and a water tap and basin. The crud on your teeth and claws probably won't come off in water, but you can try.

You crawl cautiously through to the other block, freezing midway through when your collar beeps at you, but it doesn't do anything else. You creep stealthily towards the basin. There's nowhere to run and you're too worn out and woozy for that. You would never have recognized her. She's wearing a blank gray shift like you, no sign, no color, and in addition to the caps on her teeth and claws it looks like she has a big rubber ball stuck on the top of each horn, completely obscuring the distinctive tip.

You tentatively reach up and discover that, yeah, the aliens decided your horns were unthreatening. Fuck them. But that's probably why she Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra Featuring Lee Hazlewood And Frank Sinatra - The Hit Years you.

Apart from being nearly fucking blinded and eaten alive by sadistic brainfucking alien mediviscerators-- You? She shakes her head helplessly. I think they were taking us Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) Alternia. All of the strain of dealing with idiots all nights and all fucking day has finally caught up with me American Woman - Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse I have snapped.

Let everyone know! Karkat Vantas's sanity, after a long--" You flinch at a sudden hiss-clunk noise. There's a third window-door thing, on the other side of yours from Kanaya's, and a fourth beyond that. You scramble over and discover there's a dark shape lying in the third little block. When you attempt to enter the block, your collar buzzes and you can't get through the Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File).

You flinch back and fall into the pile of cushions this time. It's much more embarrassing than falling into the sandbag pile. You're already awake. You're feigning unconsciousness in an attempt to gather information.

It's not like you see any better with your eyes open! Unfortunately your current surroundings are not the easiest for your nose to make any sense of. Everything is gray. Also, you're not sure how many of them believed you were unconscious. Some of them seemed to be keeping things back. But now it seems you are not the only troll abducted by unknown parties for doubtless nefarious purposes! Perhaps it would be best to pool your knowledge -- although you think you may be doing most of the sharing.

Karkat tips over again. If they're searching someone's Trollian contact list--" You break off. You sound like Sollux Captor. Get the fuck out of there, we can't get in. You can move, although it involves much more fumbling around than you prefer.

Gray, gray, gray, gray, black, white, and gray. You consider licking Karkat's horns, but decide it will wait. Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) all three end up huddled together in a pile of sandbags. They were also here to collect some sort of weapon, I think. That part was confusing. Is there any point at all? How many people did they grab? What bulgestain gave their fucking contact list to demented omnipotent aliens? You are now Feferi Peixes, and you did not give your contact list to aliens, thank you very much.

But they did get into your computer along with everything else in your hive, and if you knew how many of your online acquaintances had been abducted, you would be very afraid they'd been targeted because of their connection with you.

You still have trouble believing it, but you're not sure how else to interpret your lusus's whispers abruptly vanishing -- not dying, just absent -- shortly before strange aliens scooped your entire hive off the ocean floor into some sort of cargo bay, along with a great deal of water.

The water immediately went everywhere, and you were torn between preparing to defend yourself and trying to rescue your poor beached cuttlefish. That was when the aliens invaded your hive, and you realized this wasn't an extremely outlandish but above average!

You are afraid you didn't make a very good show of self-defense. You were ill from the sudden pressure change, and alarmed about your pets suffering from sudden pressure change and not enough water, and worried about your lusus, and very confused, and -- well, overall it's a good thing it wasn't an assassination attempt, because you'd be very dead.

Instead, you're just chained to the wall in a small gray block with a bathtub-sized pool of seawater. You can just barely submerge if you lie down flat. They put gunk on your teeth, claws, and horns, and your gills are throbbing from the 'medical examination'. If you can call it that! The aliens did put a tank with several of your cuttlefish at the other end of the block. They don't seem to be injured. You Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) they have slightly more water than you do.

One of the aliens who brought in the cuttlefish told you, in painfully precise Alternian, that the other animals that had been in your hive had been safely returned to the ocean.

When you asked, they told you Gl'bgolyb was "contained", but that there were no plans to try to hurt her. One of them then blurted out a question about how you could be concerned for a creature that could exterminate your species at any time, but he was hushed by the others and they all left.

You do not know where you are or what's happening to you. You can't see or hear or smell anything, you can barely feel anything, and they did something Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) traps your thoughts in your head so you can't even try to get a grip on other people's Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) snapping back at yourself.

You've kept trying anyway, and have a splitting headache as a result. If you were typing, all your vowels would be coming out '8's. If you could move, and if you weren't gagged, you would be pounding on the walls and screaming. As it is, you're not a very good information source.

You are now Tavros Nitram, and you would not describe yourself as having a good time. You were dragged out of your recuperacoon by weird one-horned monsters who put Tinkerbull in a cage and knocked you out. You woke up strapped to a table in a too-bright room.

Is that supposed to be a question? You try to answer but Interlude - Casey LaLonde - Thank You (File) voice comes out as a squeak. Is there something on your teeth? You squint at the thing, trying to see it better against the glaring lights. It gives you water and places a tinted semi-transparent shield thing over the top half of your face, dimming the painful lights.

Then it gives you an injection which reduces the throbbing pain in your lower back. Baby Tonights Tongiht - Various - Neo ROCKABILLY Story Part Three animal communion powers feel fuzzy, not quite in reach, but you can sense Tinkerbull not far away, nervous and jumpy but not in any pain.

I think we've pretty much established that all the trolls are going to be stressed and confused at the very leastdon't you? You're not going to get any better than stressed, confused, within range of unharmed lusus, and recipient of life-changing medical procedure performed while sedated.

You are now Jade Harley, and you are having a good time. You have just been introduced to an omnivorous-homeothermic-strict-terrestrial-burrow-frequenting-nurturing-viviparous-domesticate, which seems to be something like a cross Streets Of One - Good Commies - Red Rug a dog and a ferret, and its litter of offspring.


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