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Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание

Label: New Music Records - MP3 - 4 - 078 • Series: MP3 Greatest Hits Collection • Format: CD CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release MP3 • Country: Russia • Genre: Hip Hop, Funk / Soul • Style: Pop Rap, RnB/Swing, Electro
Download Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание

Bebot is a synthesizer played using a touchscreen interface. You can use it as a musical instrument, or just to make sound effects and entertain your friends. It is designed to be fun and Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plait - Brigitte Bardot - Brigitte Bardot, while also versatile in its range of sounds and playing methods.

The quickest way to get started is by putting this manual aside and just playing around to see what everything does. The demonstration videos at normalware. Please note that the videos show a slightly older version of Bebot than the one currently on the App Store, so there may be some minor differences and new features that are not covered in the videos.

This manual is not essential reading, but it may help to give you a better understanding of how Bebot works, and what you can do with it. The Playing Surface Once Bebot has loaded, the first thing you'll see is this screen, showing a cartoon robot with a moving background. This is the playing surface. Touching anywhere on the screen will produce a sound.

The pitch of the sound is determined by the horizontal position of your finger on the screen, while the vertical position controls the timbre or volume of the sound depending on the current mode.

Note that you can use up to four fingers at the same time, to play multiple sounds simultaneously. Introduction and Quick Start Bebot is a synthesizer played using a touchscreen interface. Try sweeping your finger across the screen, or moving it in circles, and observe the effects that your movements have on the sound and the robot's expression. You may also want to try handing the device to a friend and observing the effect it has on their expression.

Double-tap this button ie, tap it twice in rapid succession to open the control panel. This is where you can access all the options and features that Bebot has to offer. It Drive By - Duran Duran - Thank You seem daunting at first, but if you experiment with each control one by one, you'll soon get the hang of it all.

Main Control Panel This is the panel that first pops up when you open the control panel. It contains a preset selector, three buttons that take you to other panels, an About button which nobody ever presses, and finally a Close button, which closes the control panel. Presets Much like any modern synthesizer, Bebot allows you to store useful settings and sounds you've made as presets. It also comes with a collection of inbuilt presets, which demonstrate a few of the application's capabilities.

To load a preset, just tap the arrow buttons on either side of the preset name to cycle through the stored presets. Each preset is loaded automatically as you cycle through the list. To save a preset, you must first have made some changes to the preset since it was loaded. If no changes have been made, the "Save as" button will appear greyed out.

Once you make a change to the settings, the preset name will turn grey to indicate that the preset has unsaved changes, and the "Save as" button will become available. Tapping this button will bring up a keyboard, allowing you to provide a name for the new preset. Giving it the same name as an existing preset will overwrite that preset. A dialog box will appear to confirm this, so you can't do it accidentally.

The inbuilt demo presets cannot be overwritten. To delete a preset, first use the arrow buttons to cycle through to the preset you want to delete, and then tap the "Delete" button. A confirmation box will appear to make sure you meant to tap this button. The inbuilt demo presets cannot be deleted, and the delete button is greyed out when one of these presets is selected. Sub-Panels Any button ending in a right-arrow will take you to a sub-panel. On the main panel, there are three such buttons.

Synth Controls This will take you to the panel where you can edit the tonal characteristics of the sound that the application generates. Effects This sub-panel lets you apply and tweak the audio effects which modify the sound in interesting ways. Scale This sub-panel lets Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание set up the playing surface so that it functions like a keyboard or slide guitar, allowing you to lock into user-programmable musical scales and "zoom in" to different pitch ranges.

An explanation of each of these sub-panels follows. Synth Controls The Synth Controls sub-panel is slightly unusual in that the controls that appear on it change depending on the Synth Mode that is currently selected. This is because each mode represents a different method that can be used to generate a sound, so some controls only apply to certain modes. To change the current mode, tap the arrow El Tiempo Feliz - Los Brito - Same on either side of the "Synth Mode" selector box.

Each mode is explained below. Sawtooth In this mode, the sound is a sawtooth wave, which sounds like a simple buzz at a certain pitch. A low-pass filter is applied to this sound, and is controlled by the vertical touch position.

The Timbre slider controls the effect that the filter has. For people familiar with synthesizers, this controls the resonance of the filter. Pulse This mode generates a pulse wave, also known as a rectangle wave. The Timbre slider works the same as it does in Sawtooth mode. This mode has an extra slider, to control the pulse width. At its lowest extreme, this will produce a square wave. Increasing this will lengthen the duty cycle, and at its highest extreme will produce a very narrow pulse.

You'll be able to hear the difference it makes to the sound by adjusting this slider while playing a sound on the playing surface. Sine This generates a sine wave. It sounds something like the sound you make when you whistle, or say "ooh". As a sine wave is a single frequency without harmonics aka partialsthere is no lowpass filter in this mode, hence the lack of a Timbre slider.

Instead, the vertical position of a touch controls the amplitude volume of the sine wave. Please note that this mode tends to be the most difficult to hear on the internal speaker. Tiny speakers are incapable of producing low frequency sounds at audible Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Изданиеso only higher pitches will be audible in this mode.

Plugging in your headphones, or hooking your device up to external speakers, is recommended. PWM This mode is similar to Pulse mode, but with a different method of control. Instead of controlling the filter, the vertical touch position controls the pulse width.

As this means that the touch position has no control over the filter, overall filter controls are provided in the control panel. These are provided in case you wish to filter off the high frequencies produced by this mode, which some people consider to sound somewhat harsh. If you don't want the filter to have any effect, turn the Cutoff slider to maximum all the way to the right and the Resonance slider to minimum all the way to the left.

Effects Echo Also known as "delay", this produces repeated copies of the sound, at a certain time interval. Echo Volume How loud the echo effect should be overall.

Turning this right down Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание minimum will turn off the echo effect completely. Turning it up to maximum will produce an echo matching the volume of the original sound.

Echo Time This controls the amount of time between the original sound and the echo. This ranges from very short times that can produce a metallic sound, right up to a two-second delay which can be used to make short loops. Echo Olivers Army - Various - New Wave Greats 1976-1983 This controls how much of the Son Of A Rotten Gambler - Anne Murray - Country should be fed back to produce another echo.

Turning this all the way down will produce just one copy of the sound and no more. Turning it all the way up to maximum will create an infinitely sustaining loop. Please note that when the Echo Time is at a low setting, the maximum echo repeat is reduced slightly, to minimize any physical harm that could come to you from the people around you, as a result of making irritating feedback sounds. Even so, courtesy and discretion are advised.

Overdrive This is a simple form of distortion, in which the sound is boosted in amplitude and then "clipped" back to the output range. This can produce interesting results, as it changes the timbre and Bebot - Various - 8 В 1 Greatest Hits MP3 Collection - Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание structure of the sound.

In this control panel, the Overdrive slider controls how much of this effect should be applied. Turning this all the way to minimum will turn the overdrive effect off. The "Post-mixer" button toggles between pre-mixer and post-mixer overdrive. In most cases, you will want this button to be switched off. When the Post-mixer button is off, each synthesizer voice is distorted independently, before being mixed together. As each voice produces a set of related harmonics, this usually results in a pleasant alteration of the sound and retains the identity of the note being played.

With the Post-mixer button switched on, the synth voices are mixed together before the resulting mix is distorted. If Luv, Truth N Sadness - Device (20) - 18 Touchez one voice is playing, the effect will be the same as with the button off. But with two or more voices playing, the voices will be distorted together.

This can produce some interesting results, such as power chords for example. However, most of the time, it will result in cacophonous noise.

But sometimes that might be just what you want. Chorus The chorus effect can best be described as a "modulated delay". But since that probably doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't already know what a chorus effect is, it's not a very effective description. Basically, the chorus effect produces a Bulletproof - Dina Rae - The Dina Rae Show copy of the sound, but adds vibrato to the copy by continually altering the delay time.

It can thicken up your sound by making it sound a bit The Mordechai Tapes (Radio Edit) - The Hive featuring Lior Attar - The Mordechai Tapes there are two of you playing in slightly-detuned unison. When set to minimum, only the original sound comes through and no chorus effect is applied.

When set to maximum, only the effected copy will come through. If you turn this slider all the way up, you will instead get just a vibrato effect. You can hear this effect on the "Theremin" demo preset.


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  7. Bebot - Robot Synth iOS Universal Music. $ was Free. Own Wish Buy Buy. Bebot is a musical instrument that anyone can play. Instead of a keyboard, it has an easy-to-use touch control system. And it's all built into a friendly animated robot, who performs your music while you play.

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