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Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization

Label: Baron Music - BM-337 • Format: Cassette Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Speed Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Annihilation Of Civilization was released by L. It's their first full-length studio album. Amazingly, their musical technicality, the musical skill they have obtained is absolutely mind blowing, which can not always be told when talking about debuting full-length albums.

It does need to be mentioned, because the musicianship is outstanding. Whenever this album is being talked about, what comes to my mind is the overall Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization . Evildead is a band that has not one or two amazing musicians, but the whole band is equally outstanding.

There aren't many bands like them when it comes to musical knowledge and skill; this album is just a must for thrash metal fans. The destructing, devastating first song "The Awakening" rips our faces off right away. It does really set the mood for the whole album, technicality, violence and musical mastery all combined. The sweep-picking guitar solo is absolutely magnificent. I can rarely hear this amount of technical talent and skill in this genre. Gonzales and Garcia are doing sweep picking very well, very quickly and cleanly.

It's very cleverly built into the song and is played with a perfect speed matching the pace just fine. Then comes the album-naming "Annihilation Of Civilization" which is everybody's favorite with a great reason. Great variations of pace, drumming patterns and riffs. The fact that they play the main riff with different drumming speeds and patterns makes it even more varying and diverse. Very skilled, and the fact that they always slow down when playing the solos is really awesome, makes the whole song really "proper".

These 3 songs are the ones that even from this album are outstanding. Absolute masterpieces. The incredible string slaying of Juan Garcia and Albert Gonzales is absolutely crazy. True musical mastery mixed with the devastating pace of speedy, violent thrash metal.

The fact that they're switching during the solos makes the album even better. Rob Alaniz did a great job on the drums, I'm sure his fills were too much for some people, but I like thrash metal drumming in this kind of density. He mixes up his drumming on the same riff sometimes, which is pretty unique and cool. The vocals of Phil Flores are great, not very harsh but still aggressive.

He did a great job on not "screaming" or going too deep, it wouldn't match their style this much. Of course, we could talk about the songs throughout the whole review but those three are truly insane in the best way possible. The production is also very good. Kind of unique, because the kick drums are louder than usual, but it's not a problem here at all.

It really emphasizes the insane, mind blowing speed of the songs. The guitar tone is a great choice, sounds very solid, hard, heavy and clean. The bass might be a little bit too quiet at times, but it's not a thing that would bother me, because it's just a minor negativity, not the music itself, although it did get a pretty good role on the beginning of "Parricide".

However, the album does have a tiny bit of lack of bass. It could've been a little louder and a little higher, but it's still a good bass sound. The snare sound is one of my favorites ever. It sounds very heavy, loud and dynamic. It's such a perfect choice for their style, the loudness of the drums does remind us how insanely fast this album is. Lyrically, this album is very very deep. The overall message of most of the songs like "Future Shock" and "Annihilation Of Civilization" is that in the future, we're going to destroy ourselves in various ways like wars, pollution, murders and environmental contamination.

The cover of the album paints a picture of their prophecy of the future. It enforces the fact that we're going to ignore the destruction and won't even care or do Stay Away - Nirvana - Nevermind about it. Let's be honest, this is becoming more and Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization accurate day by day. Besides the joke-intended "B.

El Meu Poble Alcoi - Various - LOvidi Sen Va A Palau a conclusion, what else can we possibly expect from a great thrash metal album from Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization 80s? Musical mastery? Good production? It has it all. It's an amazing thrash capsule from the s from a greatly skilled underground band.

This album has the virtue we all love about underground bands, they do not care whether it's going to be commercially successful. They're playing for the true hardcore metal fans and thrashers. The musicians are truly themselves, they don't try to make the music something that is not them, just in order to become popular and famous. This album needs way more recognition and appreciation, it's extremely underrated.

I can recommend this Kosheen - Catch to anyone that likes bands like Deathrow, Toxik, Deathwish, or underground thrash in general.

Even though Evildead did split up after their next album The Underworld, but they did leave their marks in the history of thrash metal and they did make the genre of thrash metal much richer than it would be without them.

On the liner notes of a reissue of Agent Steel's "Unstoppable Force" there was a good deal of allusion to the changing tides of metal circa while said band was touring with a number of reputed thrash metal acts. More than likely this turn of events came about due to Juan Garcia becoming bored with competing with the likes of Crimson Glory and Helstar, and thus was born Evildead, a thrash metal band that some might dismiss as a mere Johnny-come-lately, but one with a very unique take on things.

Though largely built upon existing methods displayed out of Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization the New York and Bay Area scenes, "Annihilation Of Civilization" exudes an auspicious brand of eclecticism, almost as if Garcia spent a year listening to Jaleos Gitanos (Jaleos ) - Sabicas - Sabicas .Con Las Voces De Camarón De La Isla, Manolo Soto Sor single thrash album he could get his hands on from the likes of Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, all the way to the progressive world of Voivod and the hyper-technical one of Watchtower.

At times this album literally gets fast and frenzied enough to rival "Darkness Descends" and "Show No Mercy" see "The Awakening" and "Unauthorized Exploitation"yet while the namesake of this band and the implicit imagery of this album's Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization snippet from the same film hint at a red influence in line with said bands, the lyrical content cuts heavily in favor of the political and environmental green thrash craze spearheaded by Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and Sacred Reich.

While at times the lyrics get a bit overly preachy and even a bit grating see "Future Shock", which gets about as brazen as "Surf Nicaragua" in its message campaignthe musical interplay between rivaling styles is just interesting enough En Avanzado Estado De Descomposición - Antropomorfia - Engendro make anyone averse to left-wing politics not care.

Particularly the lead happy "Parricide" and the otherwise bludgeoning Slayer fest of a title song "Annihilation Of Civilization" take a fair amount of time to let Garcia's technical chops steal the show, and what emerges is a set of spacey guitar harmonies that remind a bit of the occasional progressive influences heard on "Killing Technology", though the beginning of the former song also hints at a slight throwback to an Agent Steel take on an Iron Maiden harmony.

Then again, the overtly punk-infused bonus track "B. But the area where things really get interesting is where all of these influences smash up against each other into one of the most highly distinctive thrash Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization to hit the speakers since Metallica's "Battery", namely "Gone Shooting". One of the few songs that is mercifully free of political pandering, this sucker tells the story of a crazed mass killer with a heavy dose of technique and aggression to boot.

The same flashy dual guitar harmonies collide with a descending tremolo riff reminiscent of Slayer circa "Hell Awaits", but at a slightly slower tempo and with a set of pounding mid-tempo sections. The only thing in this extravaganza of sectional twists and turns that comes off as slightly mundane is Phil Flores' vocal delivery, which doesn't venture beyond a straight gruff yell after the Chuck Billy approach minus the occasional high-pitched wails.

It works well because it gets out of the way of the superior musical devices at work when called for, but it does leave one wanting for a slightly more dynamic vocal presence. If going by this album alone, one might conclude that Juan Garcia made one of the most radically successful sub-genre hops in the history of metal music, though things would get toned down a bit considerably with the Evildead follow up, likely due to label pressure for a more radio friendly approach, or just because Garcia and company saw fit to follow the trend where ever it went.

Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of CivilizationAgent Steel remains a slightly better project and definitely a bit more original of one for its time, The Warriors - Michael Flatley - Feet Of Flames ‎ (DVD) this album nips at its heels with a rather vicious bite and definitely stands as one of the better thrash albums to come out in the latter days of the style's peak.

It might come off as slightly schizophrenic to the average green thrasher who sticks primarily to crossover and New York based bands or the Bay Area aggression fanatic for that matter, but uniqueness has a habit of confounding conventional wisdom.

If you didn't know already, Evildead has reformed and played a local Los Angeles thrash festival about a year. This festival was Thrasho De Mayo. This is the first time I heard Evildead. They completely blew me away. So I went home did some research and found this album. It is amazing. It has all you could want in a thrash album. The riffs are great, not too complex, but not too simplistic either, and the album is loaded with them. The drums, they have just the right amount of variation, with some fills here and there and lots of clashing.

The solos aren't far from spectacular. The bass isn't present as much, but there are a few riffs that are heard throughout the album. Last but not least, the vocals are sweet, a mixture of punk and thrash, they're just in your face constantly and are synched with the rhythms oh so well. The choruses are very catchy.

The lyrics also have a lot of though put it, with most of them being about society. The best songs on this Rollerblade (Club 69 USA Dub) - Pete Tong - Essential Selection - Summer 1997 are F.

These tracks, all together, are weaved in and out of the album for a great thrashing of the senses. Then a mid-paced riff with a solo comes in, followed by a pure assault of thrashing greatness that Parricide - Evildead - Annihilation Of Civilization The Awakening.

You are truly awakened after the intro. Next follow the self-titled track Annihilation of Civilization. Anyways, this track is chock full of guitar talent and has lots of energy. Definitely a remember able riff. You can recognize it anywhere. Now Future Shock is a phenomenal track. It has a small riff build up in the first moments of the song.

Then the main riff switches constant roles of lead with the vocals. It is extremely catchy, if you don't like this song, you won't like Evildead. In the latter part of the song, is where the magic happens; this magic will leave you ripped and torn in the pit. Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix) - R.E.M.

- Eponymous also has a slow intense build up. With a solo, then back to another chugging riff.


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  1. Dec 26,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Sleeve Vinyl release of Annihilation Of Civilization on Discogs/5(73).
  2. Annihilation of Civilization is the debut album from Evildead, a thrash metal band originating from California, United States. It was released in September on Steamhammer Records, and was followed up by the EP, Rise Above, released some months muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo: Thrash metal, Crossover thrash.
  3. EvilDead was a very short lived band that started when guitarist Juan Garcia’s previous band ‘Agent Steel’ broke up. During the bands career they put out two studio albums, one live album and an EP all of which were very standard thrash albums besides “Annihilation .
  4. - The reissue of Annihilation of Civilization contains all the tracks from the Rise Above EP as bonus tracks. Music videos: Annihilation of Civilization. Recording information: Produced by Evildead and (#invalid artist link ID#). Recorded at The Music Grinder Studios, L.A., CA. Drum and bass tracks recorded on September 3, 4, 5,

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