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De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1

Label: Electrecord - ST-EDE 03072 • Series: Melodii - 86 - 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: Romania • Genre: Pop • Style: Schlager, Vocal
Download De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1

Log in Registration. Transcription compendium of translated poetry compendium of translated poetry compiled by Bilingual C. George Sandulescu : Introduction and Appendices. Editors: C. George Sandulescu and Lidia Vianu. This book is issued online only. Publication on paper of this particular book is never envisageable. The Contemporary Literature Press publishes this anthology of poetry of more than seven hundred pages for exclusively didactic purposes, and it cannot be enough emphasised that it is a totally non-profit operation.

Copyright holders may at any time express a request to withdraw any of the items that they consider needing extra-special permission. We have indeed acknowledged proper origin on absolutely ALL items here reproduced. Special thanks are perhaps due in alphabetical order to A. Blaga, T. MacGregor-Hastie, I. Ieronim, P. Jay, L. Downloading is absolutely free, and the Editors hereby declare that they have not received any subsidies whatever from any quarters—institutional or individual—for the production of the present book.

Good, i. Great Literature is news that stays news. Just because the Language is more compact; it posits more unexpected problems too. That is all. Presuppositions than the average Assertion, or Statement. Be acutely aware of such underlying assumptions. Spectralise them in the greatest detail to the best of your ability; in plain language.

Express them in as many words, clearly and precisely, and even put them in writing. It helps the thinking process. Noica knew that full well. And had seen Eminescu doing it in his Cahiers. Translation is a craft, a handicraft. Just like medicine, it needs time: time before, in the process of learning, and then the lengthy period of preliminary experience. But there is also the time in doing it: no translation can be De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1 at one go Birthday Chimes Version 2 - Beers - Various - Free Birthday Songs: Entries (File, MP3, Album, MP3) then, after having achieved the language transfer, let it stew.

Just like making bread, a translation grows of itself It grows in your mind A translation, any translation in my modest opinion, is a work of art: and in a work of art, time does not count. InterDisciplinarity in translation work is of the essence. Ideally, the good translator must necessarily know everything about everything. You want an example? Or two. There is a book by one of the two Brownings—guess which? These were, quite simply, her sonnets.

Giurgea, and published by Cugetarea around What was that? It takes some research to find out that: Antic Hay De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1 the name of a most peculiar dance—nothing to do with hay Do not forget that we live in a world of specializations All translations are goal-oriented: if you are supposed to do one for the sole benefit of your mother-in- law, you are sure De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1 do it badly!

And on purpose so, too. A text of poetry gives you freedom: a text of medicine, or, better, a text of law—just think of the Brussels mess—gives you no freedom at all.

Absolutely ALL equivalences have to be one-to-one equivalences. Otherwise, heads may roll—figuratively, or literally. Though I for one, treat mothers-in-law very well It may gradually dawn on you that there are definite Types of Translation. There is, in other words, a Translation Typology. Just like medical specialists. And specialisations do go to extremes: some doctors that I know specialize only in the left ear; others—the smarter ones—specialise in the right one It is a matter of common knowledge that Nuff Respect - Asney - Qui Doit Penser? translations do require fairly high levels of professionalism.

Nobody would be able to translate an advanced research paper on nuclear power, except a fairly well-trained nuclear power linguist. And do not even try, amateur style, if you are asked to: the reason is simple.

Even professional accountants are out of depth on the Stock Exchange, and the other way round To say nothing of the language of the Church, and the various labels bandied around between Catholics and Protestants. For the Greek Orthodox believers practically do not exist in Western Europe. And not many Jews do know the many details of their own Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated - Four Year Strong - Rise Or Die Trying. So, what is left for us to translate?

Except Poetry But certainly not the novel Saturday by Ian McEwan for the author himself said he had studied neurosurgery for seven years before writing that book. Joseph Conrad—the famous one and only Joseph Conrad—is known to have said that, though he started learning English in Marseilles of all places, had never opened a Book of English Grammar at all, at all, all his life. Shall we believe him? Personally, I do because I do know, deep down, that it is quite, quite possible.

To be the first stylist in English only on the strength of your own brain. Language Grammars are easily, and largely, misleading.

And as to English, no genuine Englishman ever wrote a grammar of their own Language. Who are they—the writers of English Grammars? First comes Jespersen, a Great Dane! Then Kruisinga, a Dutchman. Lord Randolph Quirk, by name. And what a name for a linguist No good! Not the Internet ones at any rate: they are all very inaccurate. The solution is simple: you must write your own Dictionary I have done so for half a dozen languages already For myself of course.

But that remains the best way of learning languages. So did Conrad, I am sure You want to be a good translator? Roll up your sleeves and call yourself the best craftsman in the world.

And be so! Lock the door tight shut. Kill the telephones and the rest of the family, together with the remaining electronics, and concentrate: there is only one relationship in the world at that moment—the relation between your own mind, and the text in front of you. And that moment may last a long time. Even days and days. And the little god called Destiny will alone De-ar Fii Să Vii - Various - Melodii 86 - 1 when you are through with the translation.

The supreme test is the deep and steady feeling of a job well done. Only when you get that feeling deep down in your stomach you can say you are at the end of the road! You should have solved all their problems before starting. Otherwise, you yourself will become a non-starter. And we have seen ever so many students in that position. The position of rejects.

For translation is surgery: be omniscient, and all the doors will open. Everytime It Happens - Tractor - Tractor magic of full success lies in the intensity of application of consummate craft. A bon entendeur, salut!


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  1. Gabriela Alexandrescu [coord.], Gheorghe Sarău [Consilier pentru limba rromani], Mamina Miralena [redactor], Tradiţii ale rromilor din spaţiul românesc, Bucureşti: Salvaţi Copiii, , p.
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