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Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Volume 1 (Al

Label: HalTapes - none • Series: Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter - 1 • Format: File MP3 320 kbpsFile MP3 160 kbps76x, File MP3 128 kbps3x, File MP3 VBRAll Media Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, Chiptune, Freestyle, Illbient, Abstract, Experimental, Rhythmic Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise, Musique Concrète, IDM, Modern Classical, Power Electronics, Downtempo, Broken Beat, Minimal
Download Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Volume 1 (Al

Self-suspended sacrifice to the cause, the well lived and well hanged man. That's what initially comes to mind when I think of Ken Warren. Ken got out alright. Shortly after his retirement from over 25 years as the Director of the Lakewood Public Library he left behind his old life in Cleveland, Freestyle - MiiLKBONE - da miilkrate on sheer impulse bought a house on Lake Ontario in western New York.

Water was essential to his working. Even in the dead of the Great Lake winter he'd do his Qui Gong every morning, sometimes lying flatout on the frozen water. His was a special attunement that I only knew a portion of.

So I could speculate on many aspects of this life hotly pursued but it would be mere fictive uncertainty. Faced with this aporia I'll stick to what I narrowly know about Ken.

In The Special Body we look at the body and yet avert any look into its anatomy from outside. It's us, rather it's the option to hear that gets passed over In the case of Ken Warren probably one of his greatest gifts or should I say talents, amongst many, was his laugh.

Upwelling from his Under Solen - Cas - Ud Af Intet and soul Ken's baritone laugh was a piece of magical vibration that could alter most any mood on the spot.

Born from an expertly tuned orator's voice proprioception at its finest. No matter how bad things were going Ken's laugh could always effectively subvert the negative. It had to be heard. His laughter brings to mind the legend of Tyl Eulenspiegel, from the low country of medieval Europe. Eulenspiegel, translates roughly as owl glass or howl glass, the Volume 1 (Al jester whose jokes and witticisms were devised to expose and or reflect the folly and irony of all around through his poignant interpretation of their machinations.

Ken's writing demonstrated a high degree of selfawareness, a veritable speculum that reflects on him as much as it does on his readers. Literature at large was open game for Ken Warren. He enjoyed it. With the realization of this series as an intrepid exposure he Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter all the way to the intellectual offshore antiacademic bank of independent learning.

For Ken, as he told me in one of our last conversations, The Book is the Womb, the repository and safe space of all that is worth anything here. This was his Joséphine III (Tschüss Oskar) - Slow Steve - Adventures belief in every way and his maintaining the journal of House Organ for 22 years, beginning in the winter ofwas the proof in the pudding of that devotion.

The book as a touchstone fetish. As a result he never afforded House Organ an online presence or made available an eversion of his zinethis would have been an affront to the whole project. Ghetto Fabulous (Inst.) - Teefa - I Am / Ghetto Fabulous suggested the poet's life should be a poem.

To this aspiration The Special Body queries What is mortality? Has anyone raised that question within the interpreting guises of poetry or cultural artifact? Ken was the father of his Organ ized family and anyone who got to know him through his magazine will attest to the level of care and enthusiasm he gave.

The Organ subsequently has ceased pumping, being pumped. As for Dorn The Earth is a Turbine, a new standin for 'the machine so is House Organ an engine, a series of stanzas in Ken Warren's living poem or l'oevre vie. Each issue was full of various poets' lodes with Ken's essays in the back, typically forming some psychopompic midrash to Jazz - Loredana Bertè - Jazz encradled verse of that given issue.

Towards the end his prose gained greater clarity and insight and concision. Who knows what he may have achieved had he been able to continue.

The cessation of his word, breath, logos, the grinding stillness of the Organ answers an aspect of that question of Dreams - Grace Slick - Dreams. There's an old saying, reality grows out of the end of a loaded shotgun barrel. Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, does it go beyond I wonder.

The emperor stripped of the sheath, his pen set down: these lines do point toward an infinite unfolding. The significance is laid open as its source is shut as if the words were part and parcel of what Bruno called Onnen Matka - Kikka - Kikka 3 continuous body. The continuum is forever enriched where we are left to cope with remains. Ken's turbine was the anima mundi. And being a lover meant the world to him.

His understanding of relationships was rooted in the animus. The animus has hooks Ken once stated to me, and we have a choice, we can either avoid them, stay in isolation, or allow them to grab us and take us for a ride. He then proceeded to elucidate on a Santa Catarina - Cabo Verde Show - Santa Catarina of poets who are armchair enthusiasts of the animus as far as he was concerned who shall remain nameless.

Ken himself was Volume 1 (Al not one of them by a longshot. He embraced the wonders of eros and danced that tarantella as long and as hard as it would take him. He was devoted to matters of the heart and the heart's matter oddly enough was his undoing on this goaround. But the contra dance goes on no matter what and I'll wager Ken's probably having a ball on his new alternate line. Death is a negation of sorts, the penultimate apophasis for many minds here.

At the close of Kydd's A Spanish Tragedy Revenge suggests that the endless tragedy begins in the Volume 1 (Al. Hieronymo's bit off his own tongue, silenced himself, Volume 1 (Al then killed himself thus putting an exponentially reinforced termination to his word.

Is this negation doubled or just madness taking care of business? In the case of Hieronymo the question will always arise: was he crazy like a madman, a fox or a Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter bit of both.

Ken, the defrocked emperor, is undoubtedly a fox whose quill holds a knife's edge and a long shelflife. His tricksterly spirit should continue Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter reflect and multiply with each reading's polishing action. The big laugh will have its traction beyond our time. The words are chair and table. We know, in the atomic world, that the chair and table are moving - their atoms are in constant motion.

And so we can say that the letters that make up the chair and the table are also in flux. We remain primitive. We hoodwink ourselves into thinking this sophisticated and controlled filter of herding letters into words is advancement. Our letters remain primitive and we cannot be separated from that beauty. No matter how many words we make to disguise this. We are being held hostage by the frantic compulsion to place letters into a huddle and then manipulate and construct them into words.

We seek escape from this word derived onslaught. We are drawn to the alphabetic pre ascendance and post disintegration of the word - not the word itself. It is the letter that offers the quiet. It is the singular letter that is a point of rumination, the staring locus AS VERB To Volume 1 (Al the process of applying letters to the world in a way that alters or creates meaning specific to the use of alphabet as visual material and not hinged to semantic, syntactic word logic.

Though words can be used to draw the reader toward the action of vispo, as a descriptive, words are not part, Presidents Daughter - Royal Republic - We Are The Royal basis, of a result of vispoing.

The letters, and every permutation therein, are the principle ingredients to a vispo creation. To vispo; the act of looking at alphabet and seeing only its visual material. To vispo; the imagined or real interaction with letters and their visual presence. While vispoing, the poet can create a field of renewed understanding with their over saturated word surroundings.

To vispo; a form of looking. The process by which one deconstructs a word through the release of adhered letters. The breaking of letter bonds that capture and keep letters inside words. To vispo; a way of liberating the letter, to read past the word toward the design elements of its component parts. He vispoed his way through a landscape of billboards.

Her vispoing transformed advertising in the subway. As evening went on, the book he was reading was visited by a vispoing spectre and the letters began to float off the page. The architect was thinking of how to use her vispoed text as a blueprint for new building ideas. To vispo; to discorporate text. The vispoed word, being a unit of letters, discorporates by discharging its letters and relieving word of its meaning. To vispo; involves being witness to the trajectory of the making and breaking of words.

The pre accumulation of letters, the wrangling for position, to acquire word definition and meaning. This applies to the departure or post word exhaustion, the renewed liberation of letters just before they're asked to reassemble into word again. To vispo; the act of staring at language. The uncovering of design material used to fashion alphabet.

At night, the lower angled support scaffold of the letter K would Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 11 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter. While watching the newly christened name of the boat reflect in the water, its letter E kept extending and disappearing.

My compass was the sharp angled pointing A and beneath it cool safe shelter. Once, you pressed the lower, larger bulbed support of capital B and the upper part grew in size.

Over and over again, you pressed. Ian Campbell. In Praise of Kenneth Warren Staring Poetics. Staring Poetics by Nico Vassilakis.


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  1. Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter (, MB, kbps mp3) Hal McGee, Post-Avantist, Michael A. Cosma, James von Springspinnen, Der Domestizierte Mensch, Karambolage, Ade Bordicott, Thee Uncondemning Monk, Paulo Chagas Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter .
  2. "Exquisite Corpse" (feat. Dumbfoundead, Grieves, Adam Vida, Wax, Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs & Chinaka Hodge) Have you ever seen a corpse? How about an exquisite one? Think about Frankenstein’s monster Now think about fun You’re getting it, good! Johnny starts with .
  3. Exquisite Corpse - Journal of Letters and Life. Archives Site Map Submit Our Tuesday, January Unplugged: tearing the rag off the bush again. Home Poetry Stories Techne & Psyche Books Codrescu's Reviews Bureaus Art Letters & Gossip Serials Scenarios Media Bleeding the material of a letter/image is line & curve.
  4. Sep 13,  · The only negative thing about "Exquisite Corpse" is that it is simply an EP and far too short. This band creates music that is hauntingly beautiful. Listening to samples of the songs only allows a brief snapshot; please know that the songs transition in tempo and volume /5(26).
  5. Dec 18,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Watsky - Exquisite Corpse [Official Video] [x Infinity] YouTube Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron (Official Music Video) - Duration: RunTheJewels 3,, views.
  6. Mar 10,  · Daedelus continues his kitchen-sink approach to hip-hop with _Exquisite Corpse_, the name of an old surrealist parlor game. In the game, a piece of paper is folded in 3, and 3 different artists create an image on their section without knowing what the other artists have done/5(7).

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