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Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalist

Label: Steal My Oil - SMODLP001 • Format: 15x, File MP3, Album 320 kbps • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
Download Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalist

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New posts. New threadmarks. Log in. E La Modă Sau Nu E ? - Various - Sofia ‎– București is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why do so many people hate the Na'vi? Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 49 of 57 Go to page. BobTheNinja said:. No, I'm saying that the Na'vi responded to RDA aggression in the defense of their home and way of life.

Yes, that includes their religion, but that's only part of it. Damar Stuck in the Middle with You. Jebe said:. So in other words your basis is an edited edition from the theatric, that had to add stuff in to sway things towards the Na'vi looking better.

By setting up a school and otherwise having the clear intent from the original material to try to turn them into employees? That doesn't qualify as subjugation. You have problems. If that was their attitude why spend the absurd sum to develop the Avatar program instead of just filling that there were no locals, and to the extent relevant to them making it so?

The elephant in the room for those projecting Fern Gully on this is the RDA is depicted as spending massive funds, time, and effort to try to recouncil with the Na'vi leading up to this, which apparently Cameron then realized he had to try to renegade on. EricD said:. See, Spacebattlers tend to prize ambition, intellect, cunning, revolutionaries and leaders, people who forge ahead and gain power and knowledge and bring modernity and science and that sort of stuff. SB tends to admire figures that subjugate all that oppose them with knowledge and force.

SB admires these qualities and prizes them in fiction probably because most SBers lack the capability to User - Through The Looking Glass these sorts of things in their own life.

BobTheNinja Beast of Possibility. Sliverlord said:. My ultimate response to you. Please, Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalist a better thread. Don't fall into the trap. Don't make me the unhappy cat. Let this pile of stupidity die. Sliverlord Sliver Snowverlord. You know Silver, most us probably wouldn't be here posting if we didn't want to be. Nobody is forcing you to be here. If you don't like what you see, why not just leave and let us bitch about Avatar in peace?

Jace Social Justice Slasher Villain. Jebe's user title has never been more ironic than it is right now. Voltron64 Banned. Although I don't hate the Na'vi, I think what most Spacebattlers hate about them isn't so much the Na'vi themselves as Thatthisisgubhu - Various - The Sound Of Africa the Na'vi represent.

SB admires industry and technology and the might of science. The Na'vi not only lack the qualities that SB admires, but they reject them.

The Na'vi are not thrusting forward from lowly origins to reach for the stars, the Na'vi are entirely satisfied with their lives as they are. The Na'vi do not seek to subjugate nature for their own advantage, they live alongside nature as a part of it.

And given that their planet literally has a sentient Mother Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalistthat makes a lot of sense. Like the original affluent society that existed on Earth pre-agriculture, the Na'vi have everything they could ever want. They not only don't have a technological spacefaring society, they Enzo Torsi - Napoli Rock To New York / Verità really want one either.

To be frank: The Na'vi don't want what humanity is selling. And that confuses Spacebattlers, as many SBers find it difficult to understand people who think differently about the world. And that confusion, combined with the fact that the Na'vi win in the end, leads to an unreasonable amount of hatred and derision directed at the Na'vi themselves. Memphet'ran Looking into the light. I find it hilarious how some SBers will cite religion as the great cause of Human atrocities and then turn around and declare that the Na'vi should be exterminating to refuse to bow to their Idols of Silicon and Plastic.

Sum Sine Regno Civic Humanist. Memphet'ran said:. Indeed, the whole implicit "civilizing mission" concept is rather reminscent of missionary religion, isn't it?

There is a right way to live, which is made possible by the knowledge of science and technology, everybody not living correctly is either a pitiable wretch because they are so unfortunate to be outside the light or, if they actively reject it, clearly don't know what's good for them as well as we do, or are evil.

The Na'vi piss some people off so much because they reject our secular religion of Progress. Sum Sine Regno said:. They are pitiful, because they have no hope, no chance of surviving and should make their time.

They are ephemeral and likely will be forgotten by the march of time, we however have the chance to spread and grow and leave a legacy. The Na'vi by slapping down the olive branch we offered them have assured their own destruction, we won't protect them InADarkMirror said:. It's a legitimate point.

The na'vi completely reject the one thing that will ensure their species' survival in the long term. If they had been willing to cooperate with humanity, we might have eventually uplifted them, but by declaring themselves enemies of Earth they've ensured that that wont happen until the current order is completely exterminated.

RDA is evil. Plain and simple. They are mass murderers motivated by greed. They invade Na'vi territory, destroyed their property and then acted all surprised when the Na'vi defended themselves and their home.

And the Na'vi are going to go extinct because? Lord Squishy Shadow Cabal Member. EricD Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalist Bee-Wolf.

Lord Squishy said:. This is quite frankly some of the most disturbing rabidly Here We Go - Sine Weaver - The Fundamentalist religious crap I've read in a long time. Is that all you can say? You sound like a broken record. Extinction-level events are inevitable and will wipe out your planet unless you've moved into space.


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