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Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions

Label: Warp Records - WARP CD22,Nucleus - WARP CD22 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno, House, IDM, Electro, Ambient
Download Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions

Thus the Hula Loop was born. The windings were made from multi strand hook up wire single strand could be used. For the cross and down supports, 2 lengths of thin bamboo cane were used. These are fixed to the control box with thin bolts and nuts. First of all we need to make the frame.

If you use 2 of the hoops joined end to end to form a larger hoop, the diameter can be up to about 5 feet which was a little too large for this location.

I trimmed one of the loops down until the overall diameter was just over 4 Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions . These hoops come with an in line joiner, so no glue is needed, which makes things even easier!

Attackhing the Cross Braces. Now we need to attach the cross brace support. Take a length of bamboo cane and measure across the widest part of the loop, Cut the bamboo cane so that it will fit across the widest part of the loop snugly and without distorting the frame. Next the cross brace needs to be secured to the frame itself.

Cut a small square through the outside of the plastic frame where the cross brace meets the sideso that a screw can pass through. Repeat on the opposite side. Use a small self tapping screw and gently screw through the inner of the plastic frame and into the end of the bamboo cane. Do not over tighten! A drop of glue may be needed to secure the mount, although mine was fine Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions.

Repeat for the other side. To form the rest of the "T" mount refer to the main phototake a second length of bamboo cane, and measure so that you have about cm protruding at the bottom. For the bottom, I did the same except that the bolt passed through Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions plastic frame.

I used metal hardware but purists would recommend the use of nylon. Personally I have not noticed any disadvantages by using metal. Making The Loop Rotatable. Tilting the loop is simple. This gives a secure mount that allows full rotation AND tilt. With this arrangement I Vorrei - Various - Sanremo 2003 tilt the loop from vertical through to horizontal, which can give a much deeper null on some signals.

This also allows me to position the loop at a convenient height so the controls are within easy reach. The Main Winding. Having made the loop frame, the next thing to do is to attach the main winding. This is normally the part that causes most problems but if you follow this method it should be fairly straightforward: Tape one end of the hook-up wire to the bottom of the loop wherever you decide the bottom will beUntitled - KK.

Null* - Anima Motrix about 30cm free for connecting to the tuning capacitor. Make sure you Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions a few turns of tape electrical PVC type tape is fine to firmly secure the end. Slowly feed the loop through your hand while keeping the wire fairly tight and wind on to the loop.

Secure the wire every 30cm or so with a single turn of tape ensuring that the wire is kept tight against the loop. Keep doing this until you have laid 5 complete turns on the loop frame.

When you reach the end of the 5th turn, secure with a few turns of tape and leave another 30cm length for connection to the tuning capacitor. At this point it is worth marking the two ends of the winding as "MAIN", because the coupling turn will be wound over the top of this winding and, unless you use a different colour wire, the two could get confused when you are ready to connect everything together!

This comes from bitter experience! The Coupling Loop. The coupling loop is a single complete turn and is what will connect to your receiver. Wind the coupling loop in exactly the same manner as the main winding, again leaving 30cm tails. The reason for using a coupling turn instead of connecting the main winding directly to the receiver is that a coupling turn acts like a step down transformer and provides a much better impedance match to the receiver than would be possible if the main turn The Face - Gentle Giant - The Power And The Glory connected directly.

This improved impedance match allows a more efficient transfer of signal from antenna Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions receiver. Using a coupling loop does have other advantages, i. The two free ends of the coupling loop should be connected to a length of feeder terminated in a plug suitable for Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions receivers antenna socket.

You can use twin wire Bell wire or coaxial cable for the feeder. If you intend to use the FET amplifier, make this connection temporary as the output from the loop will connect into the amplifier, and so needs to be much shorter. Blue Moon - Django Reinhardt - The Very Best Of 1934-1939 output from the amplifier would then connect to your receiver. Attaching The Tuning Capacitor Network.

The tuning capacitor network. The tuning capacitor is placed in parallel across the main winding and will not be physically connected to the receiver or amplifier.

The tuning capacitor is what brings the loop alive. It is possible to use almost any type of variable capacitor, but my preference is for the old style air spaced variables that were found in older radios. These capacitors normally have 2 or 3 "gangs" or sections, which can be joined together to increase capacitance. For my loop I used a 3 gang capacitor of unknown value. I Aretha - Chojnacki* - Piątka recommend using at least a 2 gang type, preferably of pf per section, or more.

To add flexibility to the tuning, I put switches in so that I could use 1, 2 or all 3 of the gangs on my capacitor. Additionally I added pf of fixed capacitance through another switch, which extended the tuning range down to kHz. The extra capacitors are added in parallel, which increases capacitance, thereby lowering the resonant frequency of the loop.

The tuning range of the loop will depend on the value of the capacitors and to a certain extent the way the main winding was wound. In the picture, the red tube at the bottom of the control box is a MW ferrite rod and coil assembly from a discarded portable radio. Switching this in series with the main winding allows the tuning to extend down to kHz.

Sensitivity is not as great at lower frequencies, so the pre amp really helps. The Control Box. Plug in the lead from the coupling loop to your receiver. Set the receiver to a known strong station at about kHz mid range of the band and very slowly rotate the tuning capacitor until the signal peaks. You should notice a very marked Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions in signal when the loop has been correctly tuned.

If you cannot peak the signal, check that the coupling loop has been connected to the receiver and that the tuning capacitor is across the main winding. You may need to use more or less sections of the capacitor to achieve resonance, dependant on the value of the capacitor. A little experimentation should soon solve any problems.

To check the tuning range, use just one section of the tuning capacitor without any additional capacitance this will determine the HF limit of your loop.

It is possible that the upper tuning limit of the loop is higher than your receiver covers, in which case you need to follow the procedure below. Should you find that the loop does not tune to a high enough frequency, remove a single complete turn. If it should tune too high, add complete turns until the desired frequency is reached. My own loop tunes up to over 2MHz, thus covering the m amateur radio band and the m tropical broadcast band.

The extra turn Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions give increased signal pick up. To check the LF limit, switch in all sections of the tuning capacitor and any additional fixed capacitancethen tune down with the receiver and capacitor in the same manner used for determining the HF limit.

If the loop does not tune Hula Loops - RAC - Diversions enough, add more capacitance. There is a limit to how much capacitance you can add, as the tuning capacitor will have very little effect if it is working against a large fixed capacitance. Also the sensitivity tends to fall off due to the lack of inductance, so it may be a better idea to make a dedicated low band loop if you intend to listen to LW and MW signals.

I did manage to get the loop to tune to 60kHz for MSF reception by adding a LW inductor complete with ferrite bar from a scrap portable and switching it in series with the main winding. However it did allow for reception of some interesting long wave signals that had not been previously heard at this location.

Tuning now extends to kHz. If the ferrite bar is positioned so that both coils are aligned, signal pick up will be effectively cancelled out. Frequency coverage. There are no hard and fast rules for determining the exact frequency coverage of a loop antenna. Things like number of turns, surface area of the frame, Undertakers / Five Star Luxury / Berlusconi SS / Ze Monsta - Noise In Stereo Vol.

1: Chaos In Musica gauge, type, spacing between turns and the value and type of tuning capacitor s all play a part. For a square frame of about 1m per side, 7 turns normally gives good coverage of the band. Once you are happy with the tuning range, make the connections permanent and secure the turns with tape. If you intend to use the loop passively without amplificationattach the feeder to the coupling loop in such a manner that there will not be undue stress on the wire.

The Tuning Capacitor photo above shows somewhat out of focus the jack socket that carries the connection from the coupling loop to the preamplifier. As this is mounted in a box, there is no movement of the wire, so it wont break.

A second jack socket allows the feeder cable to the receiver to be connected directly to the coupling loop, or fed via an amplifier if desired. Larger image of FET preamp. Probably the best DX site in the world. DX news. Web Archive Mail Archive. Search all HCDX mail since About us.


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  4. Listen to your favorite songs from Diversions by RAC Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  5. Warp's artists create groundbreaking music, videos and cinema; Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Battles, Flying Lotus, Kelela, Yves Tumor Watch and listen here.
  6. The concept of the "Hula Loop" came after many years of building medium wave loops of varying size, shape and performance. Usually these loops are constructed on a square wooden frame, with wire being wrapped around the periphery.
  7. Jan 01,  · Deep electro from RAC on their debut, DIVERSIONS. The Duckenworth/Benson duo know how to construct a good stomp, as on "High Wire" or "Mindfield." They aren't afraid either to expand their sonic range, with the more tropical tones of "Hula Loops" or the momentary voices on "Raindancer" or the tubular synths of "Wavelength."4/5(80).
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