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Thats Why - Heartsdales - Thats Why / So Tell Me (DJ Hasebe Remix)


Download Thats Why - Heartsdales - Thats Why / So Tell Me (DJ Hasebe Remix)

It's the name they say is runnin' the game Chamilitary remain. Which one of y'all am I gon' take home? I'm a show 'em how to get the club crunk Give 'em something that's gon' rattle that trunk Tip your cups up until you get drunk Tell the DJ to play it loud and turn the beat up. Who that is? That's the illest rapper choppin' and screwin' it Couldn't snatch the game that's what they told me, so I'm provin' it Put the truth in Texas with Scott Storch and you got you a hit Hittin' never miss rep yo' click and throw 'em high Because Chamillionaire's the answer to the game like Allen I Middle fingers to the sky, if they don't like that Thats Why - Heartsdales - Thats Why / So Tell Me (DJ Hasebe Remix) 'Cause any DJ that deny is a muthaf You can't get mad if you feel that you and cap fit ya Drop the biggest stat's ever so don't let that back hit ya.

You know I'm V. And since you rollin' with a star You rollin' with a star You V. Chamillitary hey hey. Who That Is? That's dem boyz from Texas that always do it big Multi-colored diamonds got us shinin' They say our jewelry sick Houston got a problem and you don't want nothin' to do wit it. Sweatin All Over - Magic De Spell - Kiss The Mirror you kid?

I ain't think so I'm tippin' slow Wen my trunk is liftin' up look at the neons as they glow Groupies never givin' up they be everywhere I go When that elevator go up to my suite they there fo' sho' Told me that she didn't care about my money Wasn't hearin' it Looks can be decevin' as Chamillion paint apperances You know how we do it at home of Screw and purple syrup is She got turned out quicker than my power steering did.

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: [Chamillionaire:] Yeah! You gotta check out.


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  4. They just tell them what they want to hear hear hear hear hear hear hear hear [x2] [T.I.] Hey Rashad let me holla at em for a minute. Out of all the women wit you, you the only i seen. You say you 27 well you look Body bangin baby how you fit it all in them jeans, Wit a botty so big and a waist so lean. You smile so pretty and yo face so clean.
  5. you told me so many times. But I still wonder. why You left with her and left me behind Take your hands off him 'cause he's the only one that I have ever loved And please don't find her skin When you turn the lights out. I can't erase it from my mind I just replay it, love Think of it all the time. But I don't want to imagine words you spoke.
  6. Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart Didn't my heart tell you true, that I could only love you Didn't I, didn't I say what's in my heart When I say I love you, I say what's in my heart There is no other love I know that God knows you're the only one so Why can't you believe when I tell you there ain't nobody There ain't nobody but you in.

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