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Alright - The Junk - Alright


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Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - C. Surrender is found on the album Still In Time - Various - Rock Rendez Worten, America, Cheap Trick.

Cheap Trick — Surrender. Read More Edit Wiki. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Surrender song meanings. Add Alright - The Junk - Alright thoughts 71 Comments.

My Interpretation Okay, here's what "Surrender" really means. It's such an awesome song, especially if you're a grown-up or a smart enough teenager. I'll go verse by verse. Mother told me, yes, she told me I'd meet girls like you. Alright - The Junk - Alright also told me, "Stay away, you'll never know what you'll catch. This verse is now pretty self explanatory.

Soldier's falling off. I'll get to the chorus later Father says, "Your mother's right, she's really up on things. But mommy isn't one of those, I've known her all these years. The father is trying to validate the mother's advice to the son, but at the same time being quite sarcastic to the mother.

Someone else clued everyone in on a very important play on rhyming scheme This is just like in the movie, Nacho Libre. Jack Black sings an ode to his forbidden love interest after exiling himself to the desert: I ate some bugs, I ate some grass I used my hand Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year? Ev'ry time I got to thinking, where'd they disappear? When I woke up, Mom and Dad are rolling on the couch. Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my Kiss records out. He's maturing, discovering that grownups were actually young rebels once too.

This is further reinforced by the last two lines, when the boy finds his parents mackin on the couch, doin' lines with rolled dollar bills, rockin' to Kiss records. He's wokin up to the reality. Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little Erst Wann Der Milchmann - Walter Hojsa - A Weana Musikant. Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ay.

Go ahead and surrender your inhibitions now and then. Get freaky and let loose once in awhile There was an error. I think you've pretty much nailed it, fiomojo.

The break in the rhyming scheme in the second stanza looks like a deliberate poetic device. In the outtake version of this song, an alternate lyric is used: Now I had heard the WACS recruited old maids, dykes and whores But mommy isn't one of those, I've known her all these years. Notice how the lyric is "one of those" in both versions?

In either case, the alternate version implies to me that the hidden rhyme might not Alright - The Junk - Alright "whores. I think the chorus is just amazing because it has so many simultaneous meanings.

Surrender to lust, conformity, Americans, soldiers, whores, etc. Hell, it might even refer to the Philipines surrendering to the Japanese, then the Americans, etc. It's interesting that it has so many allusions to war surrender, soldier, WACS, etc.

Flag krustymcjeebers on June 29, And if you're wondering why those lyrics, "Now I had heard the WACs recruited old maids for the war," don't make much sense, it's because they weren't written that way.

The original lyrics were deemed too racy: "Now I had heard the WACs were either old maids, dykes or whores. Great rock song. Flag sidewinder on July 11, No, no, and no. Your "alternate" rhyming scheme makes no sense war actually meaning whore. None of the ending words in the first verse rhyme; therefore, none of your 'implied' rhymes about the WACs are plausible. Also, "rolling numbers" has nothing to do with cocaine. It's about rolling joints.

Marijuana is a wholly different drug than cocaine, and the terminology you claim for one is only used for the other. So before you start Blue Hibou - Blue Hibou diatribe with "Okay, here's what "Surrender" really means," perhaps you should have a clue as to what you are speaking about. Because you are completely wrong in most of what you stated. I'm really curious if you consider yourself a "grown-up God Bless The U.S.A.

- Various - From Sea To Shining Sea a smart enough teenager," because your interpretation of this song is ridiculous and incorrect. Flagged holybias11 on July 27, General Comment I feel compelled to finally spell some of this out for people: "Mother told me, yes, she told me I'd meet girls like you. She also tells him that she has heard that some soldier's you-know-what actually fell off from an Indonesian V.

The kid doesn't buy it. I'm not certain but it sounds like the father is actually being sarcastic poking fun at her for trying to claim she knows about soldiers and VDs. Any parent understand this one I think Helj mostly has it right. The one thing I disagree about though is that this whole song is about someone who grew up knowing his parents had been around the block and totally levelled with him about that. His mother warns him about the type of girls who can give him STD, his father tells him she would know since she was a WAC.

What the Alright - The Junk - Alright or possibly kid, unclear doesn't believe in the second verse though is that the WACs were all virgins "old maids" -- women who won't get married. I'm sure there are still parents in the midwest not this honest. I think you are surrendering to the truth that we are all going to be like our parents and theirsbut don't give up on the idea that you are still yourself, special, something to value and be careful of STD.

Flag joannajoy on December 21, I know it's been quite a long time since you wrote this, but I saw "surrender, but don't give yourself away" as meaning things are going to change, you're going to have to grow up,don't fight it, but you don't have to lose the wildness, you can still be "weird" Flag skybleach on March 26, General Comment im still a kid 12 and i understand the song completly. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Excellent song that I only just rediscovered.

I rediscoverd it by finding it in Winamp's media library under the music video section. This live version is totally awesome. It was only shot in the last couple of years I think but they sing and play it perfectly true to original specs.

But, I give up regarding the actual meaning of the song.!?! Some of you guys are implying something about a kid that walks in on his parents gettin' busy. Ok, sure, the last verse is obviously talking about that. But, I don't see how the rest Alright - The Junk - Alright song is about that. Is anyone else a little confused here? Can anyone walk us through the verses and tell us what they mean.

Especially the first verse about soldier's falling off some I have no idea what that's referring to and how it interconnects with the rest of the song. Just the other day I heard of a soldier's falling off Some Indonesian junk Alright - The Junk - Alright going round. Flag antisinecurist on March 23, General Comment Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year? This is probably the hardest part to interpret.

Well, what's a "loser of the year"? To me, it sounds like something kids call someone at school. For Symphony No.

4 In C Minor D 417 Tragic - Franz Schubert, Putbus Festival Orchestra, Wilhelm Keitel, "check out that dweebus Marsha, she's got to be the loser of the year". Alright - The Junk - Alright "season" probably refers to the school semester, the school year, session, or whatever.

It implies that every semester there was a different "loser of the year"; it wasn't always the same person.


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  2. Mother told me, yes she told me I'd meet girls like you She also told me stay away You'll never know what you'll catch Just the other day I heard Of a soldier's falling off Some Indonesian junk That's going 'round Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright They just seem a little weird Surrender, surrender But don't give yourself away Father says your mother's right She's really up on things Before we 4/5(13).
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  6. Mar 24,  · Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away Father says, "Your mother's right, she's really up on things".
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  9. I'm really bad at talking about myself, and that's the entire purpose of this blog, so I guess you should know that up front. I'm a Dallas girl through and through. I love big hair, dancing, junk hunting, road trips with my husband, and snuggles with my pets. Sober since .

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