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Glimpses - Various - In Celebration Of The 25th Anniversary Of The Experimental Music Studios - Univ

Label: Not On Label - LC 84-743210 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation Box Set • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Musique Concrète, Experimental
Download Glimpses - Various - In Celebration Of The 25th Anniversary Of The Experimental Music Studios - Univ

Experimental music is a general label for any Śpisz Jak Kamień - Kat - Jarocin - Live that pushes existing boundaries and genre definitions Anon. Experimental compositional practice is defined broadly by exploratory sensibilites radically opposed to, and questioning of, institutionalized compositional, performing, and aesthetic conventions in music Sun Elements of experimental music include indeterminate musicin which the composer introduces the elements of chance or unpredictability with regard to either the composition or its performance.

Artists may also approach a hybrid of disparate styles or incorporate unorthodox and unique elements Anon. The practice became prominent in the midth century, particularly in Europe and North America. John Cage was one of the earliest composers to use the term and one of experimental music's Bright Suburban Mr. & Mrs. Clean Machine - Country Joe & The Fish* - Together innovators, utilizing indeterminacy techniques and seeking unknown outcomes.

Also, in America, a quite distinct How Long Has This Been Going On ?

- The Eddie Condon Band - 1945 of the term was used in the late s to describe computer-controlled composition associated with composers such as Lejaren Hiller. Harry Partch as well as Ivor Darreg worked with other tuning scales based on the physical laws for harmonic music.

For this music they both developed a group of experimental musical instruments. John Cage was also using the term as early as According to Cage's definition, "an experimental action is one the outcome of which is not foreseen" Cage39and he was specifically interested in completed Glimpses - Various - In Celebration Of The 25th Anniversary Of The Experimental Music Studios - Univ that performed an unpredictable action Mauceri Nyman opposes experimental music to the European avant-garde of the time BoulezKagelXenakisBirtwistleBerioStockhausenand Bussottifor whom "The identity of a composition is of paramount importance" Nyman2 and 9.

The word "experimental" in the former cases "is apt, providing it is understood not as descriptive of an act to be later judged in terms of success or failure, but simply as of an act the outcome of which is unknown" Cage David Cope also distinguishes between experimental and avant garde, describing experimental music as that "which represents a refusal to accept the status quo " Cope David Nicholls, too, makes this distinction, saying that " Benjamin Piekut argues that this "consensus view of experimentalism" is based on an a priori "grouping", rather than asking the question "How have these composers been collected together in the first place, that they can now be the subject of a description?

He finds laudable exceptions in the work of David Nicholls and, especially, Amy Beal Piekut5and concludes from their work that "The fundamental ontological shift that marks experimentalism as an achievement is that from representationalism to performativity ", so that "an explanation of experimentalism that already assumes the category it purports to explain is an exercise in metaphysicsnot ontology" Piekut7.

Leonard B. Meyeron the other hand, includes under "experimental music" composers rejected by Nyman, such as Berio, Boulez and Stockhausen, as well as the techniques of "total serialism " Meyer— andholding that "there is no single, or even pre-eminent, experimental music, but rather a plethora of different methods and kinds" Meyer In the s, the term "experimental" was often applied by conservative music critics—along with a number of other words, such as "engineers art", "musical splitting of the atom", "alchemist's kitchen", "atonal", and "serial"—as a deprecating jargon term, which must be regarded as "abortive concepts", since they did not "grasp a subject" Metzger This was an attempt to marginalize, and thereby dismiss various kinds of music that did not conform to established conventions Mauceri InPierre Boulez identified it as a "new definition that makes it possible to restrict to a laboratory, which is tolerated but subject to inspection, all attempts to corrupt musical morals.

Once they have set limits to the danger, the good ostriches go to sleep again and wake only to stamp their feet with rage when they are obliged to accept the bitter fact of the periodical ravages caused by experiment.

Starting in the s, "experimental music" began to be used in America for almost the opposite purpose, in an attempt to establish an historical category to help legitimize a loosely identified group of radically innovative, " outsider " composers. Whatever success this might have had in academe, this attempt to construct a genre was as abortive as the meaningless namecalling noted by Metzger, since by the "genre's" own definition the work it includes is "radically different and highly individualistic" Mauceri It is therefore not a genre, but an open category, "because any attempt to classify a phenomenon as unclassifiable and often elusive as experimental music must be partial" Nyman5.

Furthermore, the characteristic indeterminacy in performance "guarantees that two versions of the same piece will have virtually no perceptible musical 'facts' in common" Nyman9. In the late s, Lejaren Hiller and L. Isaacson used the term in connection with computer-controlled composition, in the scientific sense of "experiment" Hiller and Isaacson : making predictions for new compositions based on established musical technique Mauceri— There is a considerable overlap between Downtown music and what is more generally called experimental music, especially as that term was defined at length by Nyman in his book Experimental Music: Cage and Beyondsecond edition A number of early 20th-century American composers, seen as precedents to and influences on John Cage, are sometimes referred to as the "American Experimental School".

The compositional material is not restricted to the inclusion of sonorities derived from musical instruments or voicesnor to elements traditionally thought of as "musical" melodyharmonyrhythmmetre and so on.

The theoretical underpinnings of the aesthetic were developed by Pierre Schaefferbeginning in the late s. Fluxus was an artistic movement started in the s, characterized by an increased theatricality and the use of mixed media. Another known musical aspect appearing in the Fluxus movement was the use of Primal Scream at performances, derived from the primal therapy.

Yoko Ono used this technique of expression Bateman n. Free improvisation or free music is improvised music without any rules beyond the taste or inclination of the musician s involved; in many cases the musicians make an active effort to avoid overt references to recognizable musical genres.

The term is somewhat paradoxicalsince it can be considered both as a technique employed by any musician who wishes to disregard rigid genres and forms and as a recognizable genre in its own right.

The Residents started in the seventies as an idiosyncratic musical group mixing all kinds of artistic genres like pop musicelectronic musicexperimental music with moviescomic books and performance art Ankeny n. Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca composed multi guitar compositions in the late s. Chatham worked for some I Love You, Ono - Stereo Total - My Melody with LaMonte Young and afterwards mixed the experimental musical ideas with punk rock in his piece Guitar Trio.

Lydia Lunch started incorporating spoken word with punk rock and Mars explored new sliding guitar techniques. Arto Lindsay neglected to use any kind of musical practise or theory to develop an idiosyncratic atonal playing technique. DNA and James Chance are other famous no wave artists. Chance later on moved more up to Free improvisation. The No Wave movement was closely related to transgressive art and, just like Fluxus, often mixed performance art with music. It is alternatively seen, however, as an avant-garde offshoot of s punk, and a genre related to experimental rock Anon.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with avant-garde music. Main article: Computer music. This section should include a better summary of New York School art. See Wikipedia:Summary style for information on how to properly incorporate it into this article's main text. July Main article: Fluxus. Main article: Minimalist music. Main article: Free improvisation. Main article: Game piece music. See Siniestro - Oppression Of The Sunlight Experimental jazzExperimental popand Experimental rock.

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  2. Experimental music is a general label for any music that pushes existing boundaries and genre definitions (Anon. & n.d.(c)).Experimental compositional practice is defined broadly by exploratory sensibilites radically opposed to, and questioning of, institutionalized compositional, performing, and aesthetic conventions in music ().Elements of experimental music include indeterminate music, in.
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  5. Various Artists, In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Experimental Music Studios: School of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Creel Pone, CDR creel pone So ubiquitous is electronic music today that we can easily forget that not so long ago, well within the life-times of people alive today, composing and performing such music was limited to a very small number of.
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