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Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets

Label: MIA Records - MMJ 1107 • Format: CD Album, Stereo • Country: Italy • Genre: Jazz • Style: Easy Listening
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The modern plane don't use missile or advance weapon of course. In the plane. Would the WWII plane stand a good chance? I mean if it's just about turning and using energy and maneuver and stuff and no missile. Just guns. If it was speed alone, a WWII plane wouldn't stand a chance, period, it wouldn't even see the Jet coming before they see thier plane get blown apart. No, I'm saying they don't use missile and this isn't about ambush.

If both were to go head to head and begin a dogfight where they both see each other first. Can you explain to me the title of Way Mirror - Various - Beyond The Groove video? Yeah as stated the WWII plane would lose, badly. I would call it seal clubbing, but it killing-a-drugged-seal-with-a-high-powered-rifle would be more accurate.

About the weapons, most modern jets Western use autocanons or rotary cannons, which fire significantly Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets like 6 rpm for most modern American jets. Russian jets use an autocanon that fires at 1 rpm in 30mm, again no contest compared to WWII. Couple that with the fact modern jets are unstable by design, and fly-by-wire so they could take hits better than a WWII plane. In terms of weaponry, no contest. They have a revolver system that allow them to have a rate of fire similar to a gatling gun, but as the system is a lot lighter, the inertia is poor so the 1st shot comes instantly when you press the trigger.

Their ammo count is low around per gun. Finally, modern fighters have better engines, electric commands so they will have better mobility and agility than WW2 fighters. When you take into account the maneuverability of jets which make use of thrust vectoring Su or Su BM for example - the WWII planes really have no advantage to speak of. Maybe if they had a cheese cutting competition the propeller planes would be in with more of a chance. It's just in older ace combat games, damage makes a huge factor in score, reward, rating, and bla bla bla.

Getting no damage is pretty much you doing very very good in an AC game. Operation X was the mission name, and Hellcat is obviously the Hellcat. How ever I assume ace combat being a more arcade-ish background of game as well as not worried of experimenting of adding made up variants of planes as well as original planes eg CFA Nosferatu, YF Black widow, F Nav Hawk, a few examples of planes made in the AC universe I can safely assume the engine got upgraded as well as the obvious electronics and other things.

It was just intended as a joke. Depends on what modern jet it is. All depending on enemy of course. Which can kill a enemy jet in a certain situation.

Realisticly, statistically, and logically. This is why all "Single seat fighter props" these days are light attackers on poor countries and not used by say USA. Definition of "modern day planes" may vary, if you mean planes in service, then I cam assume the Me or He can have a chance against the MiG that is still in service today.

Look at me It would simply detect, manouver and destroy the prop would never even see it, unless it was Russian!!! The modern jet pilot would laugh, pull a vertical maneuver, presumably while putting on awesome sunglasses and rock'n'roll, then use his computer to accurately slam about 50 cannon rounds from 2km away on a poor confused prop pilot still wondering where the hell the jet went.

And that's if the jet pilot didn't try to get cocky and use his afterburner to get a pseudo-melee kill The modern age jet can hardly shot down a WW2 plane by cannons, Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets the pilot has such small time to react the speed-difference is too high.

This was already a problem of the Me vs Bs. Also, WW2 planes have the advantage of being slightly smaller targets.

But modern jets are most of the time more agile they are so instabil in the air to receive this agility that they need to be flown with computer-support much faster and better climb. In a dogfight at low speed they still will have more troubles, because these jets are really big particuallary as big as a WW2 heavy bomberwhich will make them an easy target if they slow down to dogfight a WW2 plane a real dogfight hasn't such heavy speed differences. The only possible way for the propeller to shoot down a jet in that case is the jet pilot having a complete "helmet fire" moment, or turning into the attack and being very, very, very lucky.

Outside of low speed handling, the modern jets hold all the advantages, speed, climb, armament, virtually everything. Of course getting a firing solution on a small maneuvering target can be hard. Песня О Вещей Кассандре - Владимир Высоцкий - Спасите Наши Души approach used would be in many ways similar to the approach at killing a helicopter using guns only, high Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets diving passes to give the enemy minimum time to react, followed by high speed extensions and zoom climbs.

In terms of performance it's similar to a biplane versus a first generation jet - and it's worth noting that a Po-2 was credited with a F kill in Korea because the jet pilot stalled out trying to fly as slow as the biplane can - no performance I. Près de léglise de Chigisakh - Pierre Boulez - The Complete Erato Recordings is large enough that you can't screw up.

I'm pretty sure that modern radar can track even the smaller WW2 fighter designs against the ground, making it feasible to try to shoot it with missiles. Note: the WW2-like fighter designs are still useful to date.

Similar aircraft are valuable for low-intensity conflicts, Εσύ Κι Εγώ - Γιώργος Σαρρής - Τρελός Από Αγάπη and so on and so forth, as well as being useful trainer aircraft.

Planes like the Super Tucano are basically very similar to warbirds of WW2, but with upgraded avionics, munitions, ejection seats and some anti-missile defenses.

Aircraft Discussion. Search In. If modern day planes dogfight WWII planes? Report post. Posted July 1, Any thought is appreciated thanks. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 1, edited. Edited July 1, by Thunder Thrust vectoring jets will have ALL advantages. Edited July 1, by bobkillsnoob. NoirLotus you also forgot to mention that the distance for engagement would be almost double. A WW2 plane probably would never have the Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets to score a hit.

First all modern fighters have a radar that helps them to aim, even when using guns. Modern fighters use really powerful guns : - US fighters use a 20 mm gatling gun with a very high rate of fire, usually a great amount of ammunitions but a high inertia causing a delay between the moment you pull the trigger and the 1st Magic Flight - ППК* - Magic Fly of almost half a second - european fighters use 1 or 2 30 mm guns.

Their ammo count is low around per gun - russian fighters use a 30 mm gun linear with ammo. In a classical dogfight, WW2 fighters don't stand a chance versus a modern fighter. Interesting idea, lets test it on the japanese planes. They would never go head to Pezzo Mio - Modern Jets - Modern Jets unless the modern fighter turned it's RADAR off It would simply detect, manouver and destroy the prop would never even see it, unless it was Russian!!!

A wooden Biplane won't be able to be shot down by a modern jet. With auto-trigger for the guns it will work though. Go To Topic Listing.


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