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Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag

Label: Aurora Borealis - ABX017 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. I love this band already, and I own this album on vinyl solely based on a record store employee's recommendation. This is really kvlt shit. Personally, I never cared for ambient or ritual parts in black The Lucky Seven (Noord-Amerika) - Ensemble Radostan - 20 Dansen Uit Het Jeugdleidersprogramma A1, but these guys do it perfectly.

Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag you want a good experience: pick up this album, drop the needle, turn off all the lights and listen very carefully while just sitting there. It's kind of amazing if you love dark satanic things. This by definition is trve kvlt, because no one knows about it, it's underground as fuck and it adds to the charm that it's such a cult hit and aside from that most people don't know about it. It's literally like finding the holy grail out of nowhere; if you are reading this review, you are really lucky.

On to the actual music, it's almost generic to a point when it gets to the stuff that isn't ritualistic ambiance, but not it a bad way. It's generic but it's like the black metal you know The Crusader Prelude - Saxon - Crusader love, it's like listening to Darkthrone's "Blaze in The Northern Sky" for the first time.

Essentially what I'm saying is: they are doing everything we have heard before, but it feels fresh and amazingly written instead of feeling like it's more of the same bullshit. It's entirely original while feeling like generic 2nd wave black metal, at least once you get to the actual music.

I think my comparison to Darkthrone's album is kind of perfect as it's basically the same kind of album. To people who are looking for something to add to a playlist or something, this is not your pick.

It's an album that you need to listen to all by itself, in a dark room, get entirely immersed in, and fully enjoy the experience. Unless you want to cut down the songs to the music parts primarily, don't put this on a playlist, this is a listen in its original form album. Which is the only detractor as far as I'm concerned.

Definitely, a must buy album, if you can find a copy, get it, now! The band's use of sampling, ambience and folk puts them in quite a unique position, but all is not experimentation, for the core of the band is slathered in snarling, disgusting black metal which works well in tandem with the more worldly elements.

This album is somewhat of a journey, being 71 minutes in length with only four tracks. Then the band builds up Swanee River - Various - Dixieland Forever tribal percussion, ambience and chanting before a blast of grim and repressed black metal. Yet, even when the band exposes its true colors, you'll hear samples of chanting, added percussion, etc. Later the track shifts into some blackish doom, and an acoustic folk segment.

Though not as aggressive, I preferred the metal in this track to the previous, it's majestic and catchy, and the strings commit to it a grandeur expression. It's also the band's original EP from The album is raw but intense, and the tones mesh well with the extensive use of outside elements to flavor the band's concepts.

The vocals are painful and straight from the gut, the guitars broil and sear in their own venom, while the drums are crashy and unflinching. Despite the band's talent at black metal sickness, I actually found the metal a mite inferior to their ability to conjure these amazing sample-scapes which cast a shadowed mood over the listener.

This is sublime, thinking man's black metal which stands alongside the American elite. Kody, Liz and I also contribute to percussion elements and drum core-related elements present partially on the EP and more fully on Stahlhartes It was Breakdown - Jack Johnson - A Weekend At The Greek / Live In Japan (DVD) very slow recording process due to many things: finances, a failed recording attempt at a too small studio and the snowballing nature of the recording itself… we finished recording The Feeling Of Being Ignored - Adrien - The Superwish Album somewhere in Which is also what the band preferred as well.

Essentially, after this point things were further delayed for Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag a year at Parasitic, due to many reasons, of which we hold no fault to Tim, as he is our dear friend and his label is a small DIY label. In the end, it does reflect how the band has been developing since Mord Und Totschlag.

I do not want to say that Stahlhartes… is more traditional black metal, but it follows that tradition more fully than Malefeasance. The experimentation is more extreme on Malefeasance. I would say that both releases together take all the elements of the demo and amplify them several times. How many albums come with a contents pages and a bibliography? Since each song on the Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag is over eight minutes in length, the sound quality of those songs are compromised due to limits of the media, so I encouraged Tim [at Parasitic Records] to include those songs as a bonus for the CD version only.

Ancient, atavistic sounds are set against the alienating, mechanistic clatter of industrial production. In its closing section, the song subsides to a quiet, melancholy arrangement of piano and plucked acoustic guitar, with thin whines of feedback left as a kind of afterburn from the black metal fury which has gone before, an elegiac note on which to bring the album to a close.

Spectral, disembodied soprano singing and more choral vocals cut through the raging metal storm at points, and the latter half of the track features a lot of industrial ambient, with strange electronic squalls and squibbles whipping across the stereo channels as a stentorian male voice recites in German. By this point, it does feel as if there have been rather too many points on the album where orchestral instrumentation and choral vocals are mixed in with the metal parts.

The Cascadian metal scene has been attracting a lot of attention recently, primarily due to the commercial breakthrough appeal of Agalloch and Wolves In The Throne Room, but with bands like Fauna and Blood Of The Black Owl also finding a cult following. This review was originally written for Judas Kiss webzine: www. For this recording, the USBM act L'Acephale turn to the writings of an early 20th century German philosopher Max Weber Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag originated the idea of the "Protestant work ethic" as the basis of modern Western capitalism.

In the process humanity is spiritually divorced from nature which becomes an entity to be tamed, exploited, exhausted and then finally to be used as a dump for toxic rubbish. To investigate and criticise this idea, L'Acephale delve into a medley of different folk traditions Estonian and Romanian and use work by early 20th century Austrian poet Georg Trakl and French philosopher Georges Bataille, and create an album that musically can be baffling and inconsistent, but sticks to its own logic and is self-contained.

The title track divides into five parts of which the first and fifth parts derive from Romanian folk music, with one of the middle parts being an Estonian magical rite. Another part consists of a poem by Georg Trakl. Probably this sounds all very confusing and too eclectic and pretentious for some people but the actual track itself works out in a structured and ordered sequence beginning with the death of modern civilisation, then going onto a purging of whatever it was that caused humanity to take the disastrous turn it did into modernity as we know it, and concluding with a rebirth into something hopefully better.

There is hard-hitting black metal, very brutal and in its own way punishing enough as to be cleansing, with inhuman machine-gun drumming, storms of noise guitar and rasping vocals. Clouds of sinister ambience link the different parts and the final part "Ma vitai spre rasarit" turns out to be a very beautiful angelic piece of sung music in contrast to the purging black metal.

The whole track is self-sufficient but it has the unintended effect of making the rest of the album a bunch of footnotes. The version of "Psalm Having a real drummer as opposed to using drum machine rhythms has improved L'Acephale's sound to something robust, hellish, even monstrous sometimes, especially Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag the track "Perdition" where the style of black metal becomes straightforward and accessible for listeners with very few tricky effects.

The thin, brittle, tinny sound that exists on "Mort und Totsclag" has gone and the music becomes more thickly layered with the addition of piano in quiet passages. Bringing up the rear is "Stahlhartes Gehause II", another multi-parter which for some reason is unnamed on the CD sleeve and in the booklet but taking up a major chunk of the recording at about 15 minutes in length.

A reworked hard-hitting, almost death-metallish version of "The Book of Lies" appears first up with faint operatic singing in the background.

There is a second black metal passage later in the track, this time with original music featuring snarling and screaming rasping vocals, more military drumming and more berserk soprano singing. A major battle seems to be taking place which can have only one result: chaos and destruction.

When the fight is over, the coda is Η Γυναίκα Του Πλησίον - Νίκος Τσέπερης - Κοσμική Κίνησις - Σάτιρα Νο 4 it could be a folk song lament or a song of hope but as there is no mention of the track in the CD package this must be a deliberate omissionlisteners have to come to their own conclusions about what this part of the recording is about.

Becoming more of a band here has improved L'Acephale's style of black metal: a live drummer is certainly more flexible and stronger than programmed machine beats and rhythms, and most lyrics here are now sung by two, sometimes three, vocalists together which add another textural layer to the overall music. The opera stuff and pre-recorded choruses do get tiresome after a while and the quiet acoustic guitar music seems to get co-opted a lot as kind of a default position for when things get really intense or have built up to a level where some tension needs to be released.

The main problem for most listeners is that without the booklet which explains the album's concept, the structure of the music will be baffling and hard to be sympathetic to. How particular Estonian and Romanian folk traditions are relevant to the music's aims and not some other folk traditions from those countries or anywhere else in the world is not explained in the tiny print in the booklet.

And it's hard enough for most people to read Gothic or neo-Gothic font without having to read it with no microscope at hand. Then of course Run (Eden Project, UK, August 2006) - Snow Patrol - Up To Now must be familiar with discussions on "modernity", the history of how modern Western civilisation came about and notions such as Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag "Protestant work ethic" - this is assuming most listeners know what being Protestant is and what is meant by a work ethic.

If Psalm Of Misery - Acephale* - Mord Und Totsclag know all this already, you realise each track has its own logic and is self-contained to a degree, and the album as an entire work in itself becomes an investigation into the nature of our modern civilisation beyond the concept that inspired L'Acephale to record the work, and how that civilisation has distorted human psychology to the level where humans have become a danger to themselves and all life on this planet.

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  1. ‘Psalm Of Misery’ is a reworking of the track from Mord Und Totschlag, opening with dramatic orchestral brass and choral vocals and developing into imperious, mid-paced black metal. Again, live drums add a lot to the sound, and there’s also a mournful neo-folk section with strummed acoustic guitar, violin and vocals in German from Markus.
  2. Oregon-based L'Acephale, the project of a vocalist and guitarist who calls himself Set Sothis Nox La, debuted with the eclectic if unfocused Mord Und Totsclag (Aurora Borealis, ): black metal, noise and post-rock (all mixed up in the minute Against A Weeping Sea Of Sleep), apocalyptic folk (Psalm of Misery) and gothic ambient music (the.
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