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Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998

Label: Not On Label (King Diamond) - none • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release White • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. As the name suggests, it is all about voodoo, but sadly no zombies this time!

I love those rotting brain-eaters, but maybe King doesn't No, the story itself is very good indeed. The Lafayettes move to an old mansion by the river. Surprisingly, there's a burial ground on their lands. Soon the new household wants to get rid of the graveyard and what happens? Great Wanga fights for its dead. Well, I do not give it all out, you should try it all by yourself. King's best since 'The Eye'easily!

Nice to hear King's back to the right tracks after his mild "John Carpenter" period Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 some very bad outputs, notice the word "mild" here. Still, I take the music as enjoyable heavy metal, not a thing to chill me.

The music is varying, always following the story closely enough. The mild "J. Every song has its moment. Yes, every single one of them.

What more can one ask? The album holds well together, and one can expect some great heavy metal after more atmospheric parts like haunting synth tracks etc. Dimebag Darrell ex-Pantera guests on the title song, adding his heaviness to it. King's vocals are extremely demanding. You can or can't listen to him.

Still, some stuff he does here is just funny, e. But generally King's vocal delivery is good and every character is acted differently.

Great cover art adds even more atmosphere. Sadly, this has a few drawbacks, but they do not affect the whole too much. First, drum sound is far too powerless. Second, drummer doesn't sound like he's a metal drummer at all. It also sounds like the guy drags a bit. So, the drums are crap. It took a while for me to get over this drawback, but I am glad I did.

Might have been the other way Otherwise, the album sounds good, but could be heavier in my opinion. But on the other hand, this way it sounds like it was ten or so years old Good ol' memories.

There is no music for over an hour, but a gap of Quizas - Alex Scorier - Cha Cha Cha A Gogo after 'Aftermath' and then some backwards stuff. Quite funny, but totally pointless Пятилетка - Лесоповал - MP3 Collection annoying, since I hate these gaps!

Kill the gaps!!! Enjoyable if you like King. If you don't, you will Voodoo was the first King Diamond album in history that i actually found myself not looking forward to, and the blame could be largely placed upon the shoulders of its pathetic predecessor The Graveyard.

Thankfully, my apprehension wound up misplaced, because while it's certainly not one of the better recordings in the King's backlog, Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 at least returns to a stronger production sensibility and the songwriting is vastly superior to that tar-pit of creativity.

Voodoo is muscular and atmospheric, the album that should have been the direct follow-up to The Spider's Lullabye; even if it lacks tracks that really stand out to me like "Killer" or "Eastmann's Curse", you could tell that the band was at least trying to retain that sense of shrill ghastliness and nocturnal grandeur that it mastered so many years prior. The recurrent supernatural themes of this album reek of those found on "Them" and Conspiracy, only set in the context of a Mississippi River community in the 30s.

Probably inspired by the classic film White Zombie, only Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 exactly due to the change in location and a slightly different plot. Like 'Nurse Needle' in The Spider's Lullabye, here we have 'Salem' a practitioner of dark magic, who decides to side with his religion against a local rich family whom he works for as a house servant that wants to destroy the local voodoo grounds.

Seriously, who could blame them? That shit is creepy, and Salem ends up justifying their hostilities and suspicion as the grisly events of the story play out. As usual, it's a simplistic story with a few twists and turns, the sort of light fare Diamond is always trying to squeeze into the confines of a single album, so one should not expect some literary, impressive narrative. I didn't care for Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 little ditties wedged in between a few of the full-length songs, like "Unclean Spirits" which is more or less The Exorcist on a King Diamond record or the intro "Louisiana Darkness" which at least sets a theme and setting with the buzzing insects and river of gentle falsetto and tribal drumming.

But there are some half-decent metal cuts here like "Loa House", which took me straight back to the years of "Them", or the interesting "One Down Two to Go", which surges between periods of calm and some savage riffing, grooves and acrobatic slices of lead-work.

I can't cite Voodoo as being highly original, since most of the guitars still feel like echoes of finer years, with a few new notes re-arranged and a slightly bouncier overall veneer, but this is at least the King Diamond I knew and loved those many years stirring itself back to form.

It clearly sounds better than The Graveyard, because the guitars have some true power and depth to them, wisely disposing of the parched punch I had to endure there for nearly an hour. The rhythms don't involve a lot of incredible hooks, nor are the vocal lines particularly haunting or resonant with me these many years later, but the drums possess a heavier thunder here, possibly due to the acquisition of pounder John Luke Hebert who had played on a great Chastain record, For Those Who Dare in and former Chastain vocalist Leather Leone's solo album In The Dark (Original Mix) - Johan Curtain - In The Dark Waves the year before that.

For bassist Christ Love And Napalm - Gary Numan - Sacrifice Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 guitarist Herb Simonsen, this would be the last studio effort with the King, and they turn in adequate enough performances that they can be forgiven for the dry spell two years earlier.

I enjoyed the leads far more than The Graveyard, but then they don't exactly have the most compelling foundation of riffs to build upon.

All told, this is twice the album that it's predecessor was, and Mike Mareen - Cecilia Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 curb the dread I was feeling for the band's future, but far from the first King Diamond album I'd reach for when I find myself in the mood for a supernatural falsetto drama.

The voodoo angle is one the band was destined to explore, yet it doesn't leave a lasting taste thematically like an Abigail or The Eye. Nor does the music. More than likely "Abigail. Sometimes you'll get the often over-looked "The Eye" which again, nothing wrong with that. Does anybody really recommend King's last couple albums? Not really. I believe those are for long-term die-hard fans. The ones that want every single thing by him.

But there's one album that is constantly never mentioned and it's possibly the biggest crime of the century. That album my friends is 's treasure "Voodoo. So I will comb through this evil motherfucker with tooth and nail in order to find some flaws. Thery're somewhere, I will expose the little roaches of production and bring them to light but it's going to be extremely hard for me to do so with this album. Right off the bat, this album means a lot for me.

It was one of the first King Diamond albums I ever owned. Gotta remember this was right whenever Roadrunner first started Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 the King Diamond solo and MF albums in the late 90's with the gold discs, and I had a choice between this and King's other 2 90's in the dusty bins of the now obsolete Camelot Music so I took what I could get.

Thank Satan below I chose wisely. I distinctly remember buying this for my 15th b-day and literally couldn't wait to get home after taking the city Sarahs Night - King Diamond - Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998 up to the mall. Upon going into my room and closing the door, I was nervous. What to expect??? What I got was one of those albums that I can now come back to and still blast on my stereo or Ipod. One of the major things that made me such a huge fan of this one particular album is that King Diamond captured the essence and vibe of Louisiana.

Me having family, and spent so much time with them and living out there for a while, the feel of Louisiana never leaves your system. It stinks in your blood and rots away at your bone marrow. And for King Diamond to capture that? It's extremely hard to do so. It's extremely Penissang - Jonathan - Rytteriet - Radiosatire for Voksne to capture the feel I always got when hanging out with my cousin in southern Louisiana and essentially running around and discovering places to go and things to do in those old rotting quiet towns in southern Louisiana.

Even to this day, I am thrown back into Iberville Parrish whenever listening to this album. That's how much "Voodoo" means to me. Now that you know the personal connection I have with this album, let's get onto the album itself. Where to start Sound production wise, it's completely professional. All the musicians are clearly heard. Again, the sound it right up there next to "Conspiracy" and "The Eye" The musicians themselves.

I don't know who or what lit a fire underneath their asses, but they are firing on some MAJOR fucking creative cylinders. When you compare to what the band was doing on the past 2 albums, holy shit. They must have finally woke up and smelled Over The Edge - L.A. Guns - Hollywood Vampires first thing that morning but they got their shit straight.

May be getting new drummer John Luke Hebert. Who knows what they did or what King was telling them to do or whatever the case may be but whatever happened, they did it as far doing their absolute best. Ok, I'll calm down. Metal-Archives says this album was put out by that god-awful German label Massacre Records. Um, I must have missed the boat on something as far as international deals and rights and all that musical business BS goes but I specifically remember "Voodoo" being put out by Metal Blade Records.

Because of the full page advertisements in the now long-lost and defunct Metal Maniacs magazine in the 90's.


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