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Wrist Hold (Ft. 2 on 1) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself

Label: Kare Records - LP 104 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Education
Download Wrist Hold (Ft. 2 on 1) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself

As a kid growing up during the middle portion of the 20 th century, nobody ever asked me if I felt that I had the right to defend myself. Because it was understood that everyone had the right to defend themselves, regardless of the circumstances.

My parents taught me to never start a fight. When I would get into the occasional scrap on the playground, they wanted to know how it began. If I was merely defending myself, my parents were proud of me for standing up for myself.

But somewhere along the line, things have gotten messed up. They have somehow managed — despite all logic to the contrary — to turn perpetrators into victims and victims into perpetrators. The Tum Pukar Lo - Nitin Bali - Baliwood 2 Nations is a prime example of an organization that has lost its way due to having a series of liberals at the wheel. Not too long ago, the U. These geniuses declared that it is a human rights violation for a government to allow a person to use a firearm in self-defense against a rapist or other criminal who is not attempting homicide, at least at that moment.

Basically, what they are trying to accomplish with this warped philosophy is to eliminate guns. If defending yourself or a loved one against a rapist means killing them with a gun, the U. I guess next time that happens I will politely ask the rapist to stop.

Constitution for a moment, shall we? Keep them clean, store them carefully and train yourself to use them responsibly. Regardless of what the Obama Administration says, regardless of what Wrist Hold (Ft. 2 on 1) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself local politicians say and regardless of what the United Nations says, you have the right to defend yourself, your family and your home with a gun.

Click here to discover other ways to keep yourself independent and self-reliant. Your guns will only remain useful to you if you keep them in good condition. Check out my blog on keeping your guns clean. Frank, Thank you for your article. It is my opinion that a 12 GA Shotgun is the best home defense. A shotgun will not. I, too, grew up in the middle portion of the twentieth century, when things were more simple and honest.

People respected one another regardless who they were. God-fearing, law-abiding citizens were the norm. I guess those days are gone.

Left-wing politically correct academics are trying to transform our country into something we hardly recognize. My home and family will be protected and defended. We have to adapt, of course, but not at the price of giving up our rights. Your email address will not be published. Marco Reply. Jim Martin Reply. Joe Reply. Rere Reply. Andrew Reply. Robert Boyd 4Patriots Editor Reply.

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  2. Jun 27,  · So we're going to speak about how to escape a wrist hold. The first thing, again, she's going to face me. She's going to grab my hand first. How to Defend Against a Wrist Grab - .
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  4. Mar 10,  · I will join with many of the other reviewers and say that this book is a must read for anyone who has any type of self-defense weapon on their person or in their home. After reading the book, I’ve come to the sober conclusion that the law doesn’t seem to favor the ordinary person who is simply trying to defend themselves. In order to prevail, it would seem that each person needs to have .
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  7. Mar 16,  · Remark: This hold is useful when you are trying to extricate yourself from, say, a lapel hold or a rear waist-hold, and then to overpower your opponent. Fig. The same hold by Tori with his left hand on Uke's right wrist but the wrist this time is kept downwards.
  8. How to release yourself from back arm lock control? Ask Question He even supports turning out of the hold while grabbing the throat as your first reflex would be to pull thead back and turn away. when real hammer lock/ arm lock is done the attacker has 2 locking point: the arm and wrist and it is much more complicated to turn around as.
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