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DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final

Label: Rambling Records - RBCS 3004 • Format: CD • Country: Japan • Genre: Stage & Screen •
Download DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final

Post a Comment. Takshi Miike,Japan. Writer: Ichiro Ryo. It seems that when Miike was handed a typical gangster script, he just condensed it down to this giddy opening. As well as machine gun fire. Unpredictable, unfettered, quite brilliant. Miike is simultaneously gung-ho and perfectly in control. As Chuck Bowen says:. Hold your breath. They may be mad and bad but they are also equally downbeat and haunting.

His agenda that anything can be used makes sentimentality just another colour — before the car explodes. Meanwhile, we have the tale of a small group of yakuza hoodlums run by Ryuichi Riki taking on the Japanese and Chinese mafias. Against these family concerns, events veer wildly from the appalling to the blackly comic to the tragic and maudlin, often within the same scene.

For example, the scene where the girl of the gang is murdered by enema, laying in a pool of her own faeces whilst the underworld boss soliloquises about his lot a small penis is weirdly full of as much pathos as disgust and produces a response beyond mere horror. That their fight devastates the world is where the film can Zaspala Je Sinoć - Mlađo - Potraži Me seen to parody the genre: two big stars get together and — pow!

Takashi Miike,Japan. Writer: Masa Nakamura. A DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final stands in a room?

These first ten minutes knock out an inventive exposition, a hook, offbeat comedy and existential angst without barely breaking into a sweat. It occurs to me that the cigarette packet moment, in an American gangster film say, by Scorsese or Tarantinowould be one to be elevated into the pop culture pantheon of endlessly mimicked and quoted film scenes.

These moments are usually all over the place in a Miike film. Then the film strides into a sequence where the film acts like a trailer of itself. Miike throws in flashbacks in faintly baffling spurts to colour in the history and to provide jigsaw pieces of information for the audience to piece together.

It is here that Miike surprises again by showing this most outrageous and DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final of directors can also serve up focused sentiment. At its most touching: a gorgeous-looking and amusing vignette of the boys on the beach; and then a moving sequence where as adults they are reunited and recreate the fooling around of their orphanage days.

But there is also an eerie flashback when one boy returns home one day to find his foster father dying, covered in blood; a moment that distorts both visually and auditory in a fleeting scene that would match anything spooky by David Lynch. Miike tears through tonal shifts and genre motifs without either pausing for breath or losing his grip. It is obvious that Miike is a master of genre-mash-ups.

Soon, he is cutting between a slightly obscene play for children and nasty gangland massacre. Meanwhile, gangsters are blasted whilst having sex during a gangland slaughter, etc.

Further meanwhile: the school play about loneliness and advocating togetherness includes inappropriate penis gags. Miike alternates between farce and bloodshed, reinforcing the question of what lays between children and the killers they become. Our assassins kill for the starving even as they gorge themselves on noodles food and bonding is a frequent Marcus Revolta - 11.

Září V Evropě. Miike has no qualms about utilising real footage of Third World children for his gangster fantasia: indeed, Miike can and will use anything, appropriate or not. This leads the assassins to also become literal avenging angels when they sprout wings. They drag themselves soaked in blood, for at least a day, back to the ferry and their childhood home — stopping to help tourists take photos - as if insisting that they stumble relentlessly to the most sentimental ending they possibly can.

In the end, Miike leaves us with one final vision, full of tenderness, anger and possibility: the tiny fists DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final babies. And then any internal logic is jettisoned for the typically outrageous finale. Wu, it seems, has reprogrammed the DOA - Koji Endo - Dead Or Alive: Final androids of the apocalyptic war, apparently making the Cries Of The Ghetto - Rest In Pieces - Under My Skin to his liking.

Wu wears a shirt splashed with pink faded blood? They have a decent little melee and then, heading for that outrageous ending, they merge into a crazy phallic robot which seems to satirise not only the Joanna - Carles Benavent - Agüita Que Corre nature of gangster and fighting genres, but also the fetishising of mutation and technology of the anime genre.

It is eccentric and fascinating. The downbeat turn of the drama is only obscured because there is the sudden mania of the denouement which feels stuck on. Mayotte - Meringue - Sidney Bechet - Sidney Bechet Vol.

1 if the whole series is ultimately some kind of cyborg dream of past lives, or something, then that is what we will go along with.

Miike has used the same two characters and put them in three different 'DOA' scenarios like they are reincarnations, different models of the same character throughout time and genre.

Rikki is often unintentionally laughable with his macho-posing. The flaws are obvious: haphazard pacing and revelations just come out of nowhere for example. Some may find this confusing; others may just see it as cutting out the extraneous stuff and allowing the audience to piece things together. It also means that it is usually on second watches that I truly determine what I feel.

They all centre on outsiders trying to do best for whatever family units they have, all contain sentiment and the ludicrous, the inspired and unruly, violence and melancholy to create a series that is frequently brilliant, silly and riveting in equal measure. Often all at once. Labels: crime thrillerscience-fictionTakashi Miikethrillertrilogy. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Dictator Wu Richard Chen has more-or-less outlawed heterosexual procreation — his philosophy seeming to be that too many people means that war and devastation is inevitable and that homosexuality is the cure — and seems to rule a shabby post-apocalyptic society like some guerrilla leader in a run-down nation.

There is really no extravagance or dazzling set design here. Indeed, it is all filmed with a slightly jaundiced and sickly-looked filter.


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  2. Jan 12,  · Directed by Takashi Miike. With Shô Aikawa, Maria Chen, Richard Chen, Jason Chu. The ace cop of a totalitarian police force and a drifting android play their parts in a post-apocalyptic society. They are destined to fight. Their encounter will change them forever/10(K).
  3. Summary The story of an ace cop and a mellow drifter in a futuristic Yokohama that is ruled by multilingual gangs and cyborg soldiers. Additional Information.
  4. Dec 02,  · Directed by Takashi Miike. With Shô Aikawa, Riki Takeuchi, Noriko Aota, Edison Chen. Two contract killers cross paths in the middle of the same job and realize they are childhood friends/10(K).
  5. He is later returned in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (canonically in Dead or Alive 6) as an undead cyber ninja, becoming MIST's secret agent after Donovan retrieved his corpse and order MIST's newly recruited scientist NICO to removed some of his memories, except his insatiable lust for power, death and revenge remains intact, but requires the.
  6. Jul 13,  · The first 10 minutes of Miike’s ‘Dead or Alive’ are so breathless with sex, shock, violence, music, colour, parody and back-story that you are likely to feel your jaw muborzulkishurazolozuru.infoinfo film is counted in by the protagonists “1, 2, 3 -” and then we’re off with a kaleidoscope of falling corpses, Kôji Endô’s industrial rock track, frenzied editing cutting across a number of Author: Buck Theorem.

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